What is Love?

Marisa and her cousin, Anna, just graduated and are off to London for a month. When they meet some older guys and fall pretty hard for them, will their trip be better or worse? Will age come between them? This fan fic is also set in the future a bit.It is 4 years in the future. This is my first fan fic. Sorry if its bad! sorry about the grammar and the spelling! Thanks for reading it! Please comment what you think!


5. Kisses and Tears


Liam drove the rest of the boys and me and anna home. Eleanor and Danielle followed in their cars.

       “ Eleanor and Danielle are sleeping over at our flat.” I said.

I’ve known Anna long enough to know what each on of her looks meant. Anna “hates girls”. She thinks they are overly dramatic and all girls, except very few, are stupid and annoying. Now, that’s probably because she went to a small catholic private school for her whole life. She hasn’t met many other girls than the cocky rich girls at her school. Before high school I had gone to 5 different public schools. I have met annoying girls and really amazing friends. I’m open to meeting new friends, girls or not girls. Anna’s not exactly like that. I decided it didn’t matter if she didn’t like it, because it was only one night. When we arrived Niall opened my door and I walked out and slipped. Thank god he caught me.

         “ Whoa there Marisa, how much did you have to drink?” he asked laughing and helping me stand straight. My face was red I could feel it. All the boys hadn’t seen it and they were all following Anna back up to our room. I guess they thought we were following them.

        “ Ha ha” I fake laughed

        “ I slipped I’m not falling over because I’m drunk” I replied rolling my eyes. I started to walk in front of him then I turned around and looked him right in his eyes and said,

        “ Thank you Niall.” He looked confused so I said,

        “for catching me.” It wasn’t what I meant but I needed a quick cover up. I really just wanted to look into his eyes and thank him for… I don’t even know I just felt lucky to be with him. We went up to my room and Eleanor, Danielle, and all the boys were spread out over my flat and Anna was nowhere in sight.

        “ Just make yourself feel right at home guys,” I said sarcastically with a fake smile. They all laughed. I went and got a drink from my cabinet and then offered it to them. They all got up and got themselves a drink then we all sat down and talked. I noticed when I sat down to talk to El and Dani all the boys had gotten up at the same time to get drinks they were all talking to each other over by the drinks.

        “what are they doing?” El asked,

       “ I have no clue” I laughed.

They noticed us staring and they all came back to the sofa.

       “ What was that about?” Danielle asked all of them.

       “Nothing…” Liam said as he sat down and put his arm around her.

 We all talked some more and scheduled other days to hang out. Anna was in her room doing her own thing. I had a feeling she didn’t like the boys very much.

         “Um…. I have to go to the bathroom.” Harry said getting up.

I walked harry to the bathroom then walked back to find only Niall sitting on

the couch.

        " Niall..." he laughed

       "yes..?" he said with a smirk.

I smiled

        "Where are the others?" I asked confused. He sighed

        "they are trying to help me out with something." I walked over and sat back were I was sitting before on the couch.

         " Oh." he moved closer to me and I could feel my heart speed up. I liked him so much.

        " Marisa I really like you. I know we’ve only known each other for a few days but you only have a month here and I want to spend as much time as I can with you. Will you be my girlfriend?" he immediately looked down after he finished and his cheeks were red. I smiled and said

          "Thank you Niall" I knew why I was thanking him this time.

He looked at me confused and I looked him right in the eyes and said,

          " I was falling for you and you were there to catch me again" he laughed and asked,

          " so is that a yes?"

          "Of course Niall"

         "I don't want it to end when you leave" I smiled and said,

        " Neither do I" he leaned in and kissed me!

His lips were so soft and warm. There were butterflies flying all around in my stomach. I don't know how long our kiss was but it was definitely better than Harry!

         "So are we ever going to get back to our party...? " Louis asked!

 I pulled away and everyone was laughing. Harry had come back from the bathroom.

         "Where we're you guys?" I asked

         "Behind the counter" Zayn said smiling. I laughed and said,

         “ Well, lets get this party started!” They all nodded in agreement.

 We plugged my phone into the speaker and put on some dance music. We all stared dancing like we were at the club. It was much more fun now because Niall and I were actually dancing without Harry on me too. We all laughed and danced till we were too tired to dance anymore. Anna had come out but only to say goodbye to me because she was going to see the boy from the coffee shop. It was really late already but I trusted she could take care of herself. We let her out and had gone back to dancing. We were too tired now and we all sat on the sofa again. This time Niall holding my hand and sitting extremely close I was almost on his lap. Now that I had him I wasn’t planning on ever letting him go.  We were all talking and laughing and sharing secrets and what not. We were all extremely sleepy and the boys were quite drunk so I wasn’t going to let them drive home like that. I put out blankets and pillows all over the floor. I went and but on my tiny pajama shorts and a way oversized t-shirt (what I usually sleep in) and cam back out. El and Dani were in my room because, after all this was supposed to be our sleepover. I went to the boys and made sure they were alright. Niall< Harry, and Zayn were all sleeping shirtless and they all were sleeping in their boxers. They all stood up when I walked in, to be respectful.

        “Oh you don’t have to stand up I was just making sure y'all were all ok.” I said.

        “ I love how you say y'all Marisa.” Louis said with his cute little smile.

        “ Its funny when you do because no one here in England says that.” Zayn said with his beautiful smile. They all laughed a little and Niall came up behind me and put his arms around me and hugged me from behind. He put his lips on my ear and whispered,

        “ I think it’s cute.” He kissed my neck a few times and I just put my head up because his kiss felt so good.

         “Oooooooooooohhhhh Niall’s getting frisky...” Louis said.

         “oooohh laalaaa” all the boys said and they laughed. I snapped out of my little world where it was only me and Niall and I pulled away from him. I went to Louis who was closest to me and said,

         “ Goodnight Lou” with a smile and kissed his cheek.

I went to Zayn and said,

         “ Goodnight Zayn” Then kissed his cheek.

         “Goodnight Liam. Thank you for driving us.” I kissed his cheek as well. He smiled and said,

         “ Goodnight Marisa. No problem.”

I went to harry and stopped right in front of him. I looked him in the eyes and then he pulled me in and hugged me.

         “I’m so sorry,” I whispered in his ear.

He hugged me tighter and nodded his head. In a reassuring way. I felt bad but I wasn’t falling for Harry, or was i? I felt so great when I was with Harry. But I really liked Niall. We pulled out of the hug and he kissed my cheek.

       “Goodnight Harry.” I said. Looking in his eyes again.

        “ Goodnight Marisa.” He said with a smile.

I could tell he was trying so hard to smile. Behind his beautiful smile was so much pain and sadness. His eyes were glossy. He must really care about Niall, because he helped Niall ask me to be his girlfriend. He really is an amazing person. But, no matter how amazing Harry is I really am falling for Niall. I turned around and walked to Niall.

        “ Goodnight Niall.” I said smiling.

He grabbed my hands and intertwined our fingers. He brought his head down and kissed me passionately.

        “ Goodnight love.” I looked beck at the boys, their faces just starring at us, and giggled. I turned back to Niall and pecked him, before walking off. I walked into my bedroom. El and Dani had said goodnight to the boys while I was getting ready for bed.

        “ So, we saw that kiss before bed…” Eleanor said.

I looked down and blushed.

         “ I guess we don’t have any problems.” They were all laughing at what Eleanor said but my smile faded. Before I knew it tears started streaming down my face. Warm, salty tears fell. Eleanor noticed. She came closer to me with a very concerned look on her face. Danielle came to my other side and put her arm around me. I had just met Eleanor and Danielle but the looks on their faces showed they really cared. I felt like we could’ve practically been sisters. i said one word, then put my head on eleanors shoulder and strated crying harder. The one word I said was, “Harry…”

They instantly knew what it was about. I may have just met them but we just got along and I trusted them.

        “ Marisa, don’t worry about Harry. He wouldn’t have helped Niall if he didn’t think It was right.” Danielle said.

She was trying to make me feel better and I really did appreciate it, but…. I just felt like I had hurt Harry and that was probably the last thing I would ever want to do.  We spent most of the night talking and talking. For hours we just talked and I sat and cried until I had gotten it all out. 

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