What is Love?

Marisa and her cousin, Anna, just graduated and are off to London for a month. When they meet some older guys and fall pretty hard for them, will their trip be better or worse? Will age come between them? This fan fic is also set in the future a bit.It is 4 years in the future. This is my first fan fic. Sorry if its bad! sorry about the grammar and the spelling! Thanks for reading it! Please comment what you think!


17. He Loves Me?


The lights turned on and the attention of probably a good 100 people was on me. I don’t do well under the spotlight. When they shouted I was so frightened by it that I put my head on Niall’s chest to hide and I grabbed his hand harder.

My heart was racing. For two reasons: one) Niall had done all of this for me. It was the sweetest thing in the world. I didn’t know half the people here but, the fact he went through the trouble of trying to make my birthday fun just makes me feel so tingly. Its weird I know but I just love when people do things like that.  and two) because the shouting and the lights and the eyes on me was a bit over whelming. I mean I was still hiding on Niall. I walked right up to the boys an gave them all huge hugs! This was perfect. We were all dancing and going crazy when a slow song came on. It was like the third one and I had danced with Niall everytime. So when Harry came up to me and asked me if he could have a dance Niall didn’t hesitate to hand me over for a song. I was extremely nervous about this though. He put his hands low on my waist and pulled me in close. We were so close I could feel his breathe on my neck and it sent chills all over me.


Harry’s POV:

I had to at least tell her how I felt before Niall says he loves her. I at least need a chance in this love story. She’s beautiful. I want to be there for her! I love her. Harry. No. stop. You cant. You’ll only hurt Niall.  I guess she saw my confused face beacause she giggled and asked what was wrong.

I quickly snapped out of my daze and the words just came out. There was no stopping once I started.  “ Marisa you amazing and beautiful. I like you a lot. Actually I love you.”



-authors note-

Sorry this one is sooo short! i wanted to leave some suspense! 

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