What is Love?

Marisa and her cousin, Anna, just graduated and are off to London for a month. When they meet some older guys and fall pretty hard for them, will their trip be better or worse? Will age come between them? This fan fic is also set in the future a bit.It is 4 years in the future. This is my first fan fic. Sorry if its bad! sorry about the grammar and the spelling! Thanks for reading it! Please comment what you think!


9. Departure


   I ran to find Anna

         “ ANNA!!!!!! My parents are almost here! We have to pick them up from the train station! Get ready!”

Anna and I ran all around straightening up the area. We had completely finished cleaning ,with the help of the boys, in like 15 minuets.

       “ Thank you all soooo much! We have to go! Be out of here by the time we get back please! If they see you here im on the next plane home!”

They all laughed but nodded. I went into my bedroom to change while the boys were picking up their things and getting ready to leave. I was still wearing the same clothes that were wet because I didn’t have time to change but I had put on Niall’s sweatshirt to keep me warm when we were cleaning. I was in my room looking for something to wear when I heard a knock at the door.

       “ Come in!” I yelled.

       “ Hey Marisa.”

It was Niall . He seemed different. Like something was wrong.

       “ what’s wrong Niall?”I asked concerned.

       “ We just got a call. The boys and I have to leave London tonight. We are going to Sweden and we will be back the day your parents leave.”

Maybe he didn’t understand how perfect this was. If my parents saw him I was defiantly out of there. i was there for a week and already found an amazing boyfriend.

       “ Niall… I don’t want you to go but my parents cant know about you yet. They’ll send me home.”

       “ I know I just don’t want to leave you, even if I is only for a day and a half.”

I smiled and hugged him.

        “ Listen Marisa,  skype me, call me,  and text  me. 24/7. Do you understand me?” I giggled

       “ understood sir.” And with that I kissed him and finished changing then threw his sweatshirt back on. The boys left at the same time as Anna and I. They were off to Sweden and I was off to the train station to have a very annoying next day. I let Anna drive today because I wasn’t supposed to be driving yet in London. I wasn’t old enough yet. I felt a vibration and looked at my phone. I got a text. From Niall. of course it hadn’t even been 5 minuets. I read it in my head. “how have your past 5 minuets been?”. I laughed and Anna looked ta me like i was crazy.


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