What is Love?

Marisa and her cousin, Anna, just graduated and are off to London for a month. When they meet some older guys and fall pretty hard for them, will their trip be better or worse? Will age come between them? This fan fic is also set in the future a bit.It is 4 years in the future. This is my first fan fic. Sorry if its bad! sorry about the grammar and the spelling! Thanks for reading it! Please comment what you think!


3. Coffee Boy Crush


          I hadn’t thought about it last night because I was awfully tired and fell right asleep. Anna and I woke up at around 9:00 and got breakfast and went out. We went to another near café. We went around London seeing a bunch of tourist spots but also just going too little stores and things. I bought an outfit for tonight. Then we went to Starbucks. Anna and I both ordered coffee. The guy who took our order was young, like our age, and he was quite handsome. He looked like atypical American Baseball boy would . Short brown hair, Green and blue eyes, a round face, and a square body.  


he called after he made her drink. She got up and got it. As soon as she was back she started to tell me something. Looking confusedly at the cup she said,

          “ um… Marisa I think-.”

 she was interrupted by the coffee guy calling my name I got up and got the coffee and sat back down.

        “I’m sorry, what were you saying?” I asked.

        “ He gave me his number…” Anna replied looking at the cup amazed.

I laughed and made kissy faces. Her face got so red. I could tell she really liked him.  When we got back to our flat after shopping and seeing amazing things all day, I urged Anna to call him. His name was Drew. We were just sitting in my room,

        “ Anna call him!!!”

       “ I cant I have no clue what to say.”

       “ Just say hello!! I know you don’t really like going places with me and Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam , and Louis all the time! If you call him ill call all the boys.”

She smiled. “ is it that obvious…”

We both laughed and she finally called him! He asked her out to dinner the next night and I had never seen her so happy.  I called the Niall.

      “ Hello! Marisa?”

     “ Hi Niall!”

    “ I was just about to call you!”

     “ oh Really? Why?”

       “ the boys and I wanted to know if you wanted to go to the new club?”

        “ Yeah that sounds awesome! When?”

       “ well we cant do tomorrow we have an interview but the next night?”

        “ sounds great!”

      “ see ya then!”

     “ bye Niall”

I was smiling as if he could see me through the phone. But I I couldn’t stop smiling! This trip was so amazing and we were only here for 3 days.!!!



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