Pretend It's Love

"Hey girl it's now or never, it's now or never."
Spencer always wanted to leave America to live in England. She always felt like herself there everytime she visited. So when her parents give the big news that her family was moving there permanently, Spencer was excited to live there and hang out with her friends. The only problem is that her friends got One Direction tickets and they want her to come. Spencer doesn't like 1D in any way or form. But when things get messed up, will her life become different?


6. The Unexpected Guests

 It has been two hours since I woke up and pretty much all has been normal. The boys, Brian, and my parents brought me Nandos. Just like they promised. I have to admit, their chicken is really good.

"I told you." Niall said while I was eating the last peice.

"You didn't tell me anything!" I shout while flopping back onto my bed. "Ouch." I hit the area where the surgery happened.

"I was the one that said the chicken was good!" Brian told him.

"I was the one that brought it up!!" Niall yelled.

"I was the one that drove us!!" Brian yelled back.

"Actually that was me." Louis interupted.

"Ya mind? I've been in England for three days and I'm already in the hospital. So this is not a fun moment for me!" I shout, but they keep on arguing. What will shut them up? I know what shuts up Brian, but it's personal. I looked at Harry, who was looking at me. "What should we do?" I mouthed.

"I don't know." He mouthed back. "Should we tell them about me kissing you?" He asked.

I shake my head. I don't want them to know that I lip locked with someone famous. If they knew, then they'll tell others and then it will be out to the world and I'll probably get hate for dating him. So it would be best to keep it a secret. I mean, it's not The Hunger Games, where it will be broadcast to the entire country. Suddenly, my doctor, Dr. Stubbs, came in while Niall and Brian are still arguing.

"Hello, Dr. Stubbs." We all said. Liam looked away for some random reason. Either it was what the doctor was holding or he didn't want to be kicked out. I'm pretty sure it's both.

"Hello, everyone. Ms. Bridgett, you have..." She started. Then she began to look at all of us. " You have another visitor. Mr. Malik, Mr. Tomlinson, your girlfriends are here. They too want to meet Ms. Bridgett." She said. Zayn and Louis ran out of my room. We heard someone yell, "NO RUNNING IN THE HOSPITAL UNLESS IT'S AN EMERGENCY, BOYS!" It's like school here or something. I wouldn't know because I was homeschooled my entire life.

A few minutes later, Louis and Zayn came back with three people. Two girls and one guy. Both of the girls were really pretty. One had brown hair and brown eyes, and the other had blonde hair and blue eyes. They were pretty tall. The guy seemed familiar. He was tall, old-looking, and looked like he was getting gray hair.

Zayn spoke out, "Spencer, this is my girlfriend, Perrie Edwards." Perrie waved hi, and I waved hi back.

"And this is Eleanor Calder." Louis said. Eleanor too waved hi and I waved back. I turn back to the man. Then I remember him. That face. I remember seeing it on tv.

"You're Simon Cowell." I point at the man.

"That's correct, Ms. Bridgett." Simon said. Holy crap. Simon Cowell, one of meanest judges on American Idol and then left, is here. "I'm your dad's new boss, so you'll probably see me a lot."

"Why don't we all get something from the cafeteria? I'm hungry." Liam said. I'm surprised that didn't come out of Niall's mouth.

"Sure." I answer as Harry and Brian help me out of my bed and guide me. I'm holding onto the thingy that holds fluid for me and we walk to the cafeteria. I wonder when Grace, Clara, and Rachael will see me?


Author's note: I didn't think this was a good chapter, but here it is. I will be gone all weekend. Going camping. So see y'all on Sunday!! ~Maddie

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