Pretend It's Love

"Hey girl it's now or never, it's now or never."
Spencer always wanted to leave America to live in England. She always felt like herself there everytime she visited. So when her parents give the big news that her family was moving there permanently, Spencer was excited to live there and hang out with her friends. The only problem is that her friends got One Direction tickets and they want her to come. Spencer doesn't like 1D in any way or form. But when things get messed up, will her life become different?


10. The surprise

An hour later, all of the tubes were out of me and I was heading home. I said goodbye to all of my hospital friends, especially Rylee and Belle. I found out that Rylee was leaving today too.

"Congratuations!" I say to her on my way out.

"Yeah. I leave in half an hour. Maybe I'll see you around?" She asks.

"Definitly." I carefully walk forward and hug her.

She looks down at my hand and asks, "Who gave you that?"

I look down to see she was talking about the charm bracelet Harry gave me.

"Oh..." I start. Is she a fan? I don't know. "Well, a friend I met at the aniversary party gave it to me."

"Was that the person you saw two days ago?" She asks.


"A certain Mr. Styles came and saw you?"

My pupils widen, "How did you know?"

"I saw you opening presents in your room. I was going to the bathroom. I watched for a while and then I saw you snog him." Now I feel embarrassed. "Don't worry. I didn't tell anyone."

"You're the best." I say. "See ya around." I shout to her as me and Brian walk out of the hospital and into his car.

"So Harry visited you? And he kissed you?" Brian asked.

"Yeah." I answer. We were silent for the rest of the ride. About an hour later, we got home.

Home! I only lived in that place for nine hours and I already miss it. Brian helps me out of the car, and goes to the trunk to grab my many gifts.

"Wait!" He shouts to me. "Put this on." He hands me a blindfold. I look at it curiously, and put it on. Brian leads me to whereever until it feels like we're inside the house. "Okay, take off your blindfold."

I take off my blindfold and I hear a sudden "SURPRISE!" and see that the whole living room was decorated and my parents, the boys, Eleanor and Perrie, Simon, and other people are there. I see a banner that says "Welcome home Spencer!" and many other stuff. I can see why none of them ever visited.

They were busy planning a welcome home party.

My mom and dad came over and gave me huge hugs. Then Simon came over, giving me another hug. Karen and Geoff, Liam's parents, and Nicola and Ruth were there. So was Anne and Gemma, Louis' family, Zayn's family, and even Niall's family who flew all the way from Ireland are here. It's like a huge family get-together!


 Author's note: So I don't think this is my favorite chapter, but I did it. Uhhh.... I'm on Thanksgiving break! That's all. Thanks for reading!! ~Maddie

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