Pretend It's Love

"Hey girl it's now or never, it's now or never."
Spencer always wanted to leave America to live in England. She always felt like herself there everytime she visited. So when her parents give the big news that her family was moving there permanently, Spencer was excited to live there and hang out with her friends. The only problem is that her friends got One Direction tickets and they want her to come. Spencer doesn't like 1D in any way or form. But when things get messed up, will her life become different?


2. The Invitation


"That's for Dr. Bridgett, I presume." I shout to Nathan. We were already at our new home. It's a beautiful house. Two stories, large backyard, and enough room to hold a large party. We lived in a beautiful neighborhood. So far, everyone has been nice welcoming us to the neighborhood and country. "Dr. Bridgett I presume" is a little inside joke that me and Brian have. Our last names are Bridgett, and since we both read the Sherlock Holmes book, I've saying that something may be for him since he's a lot like Dr. Watson.

I heard the doorbell ring again. My parents would answer, but they went to town to get a bed, desk, and dresser for me and Brian. Apparently, he's too lazy to answer the door. So that leaves me to go answer the door. I go downstairs, find my way to the door, and answer it. On the front porch is a girl who looks about maybe my age or somewhat with a basket of things.

"Hello. May I help you?" I ask the girl.

"Hello. No, I'm just here to say hi, and welcome to the neighborhood." She answered handing me the basket. "I pass by here a lot on the way to work, and when I saw that this house was sold, and that there was a moving van in here, I had to bring this. My name's Ruth."

"I'm Spencer. Nice to meet you." I say to her. Ruth. I love that name. It's nice and simple, when my name is the name of a boy.

"So where are you from?" Ruth asks.

"Boston, Massachusetts." I answer.

"Wow. You're really far away from your old home. I'm from Wulverhampton. It's far, but not as far as Boston. So what brings you to London?"

"My dad got a job transfer here. He works for some music producing company called Syco now." I answer. Yes, my dad's in the music business.

"That's cool. My brother is in a band. He and his friends just got done touring America. Now their coming back home." Ruth told me. That's so cool. Having a brother who just toured America. If I knew, I would have bought tickets. "At least he'll be home in time for my parents anniversary party. It's tonight. They're celebrating 25 years. If you want to, you and your family can come over. It would be nice to get to know you and some sort."

"That's lovely. I would love to come. Thanks Ruth." I said.

I heard someone's phone ring. It was obviously Ruth's. My phone was in my empty room and Brian must be on his phone right now. She looked at her phone, and suddenly, her smile turned to a frown. "Oh, no."

"What?" I ask.

"My brother and his girlfriend. They broke up. He saw her with some other guy at a resteraunt. One of his friends texted me. He's sobbing like crazy." Ruth answered.

Oh, man, break ups have been pretty rough with Brian. He had like 3 long term girlfriends and all of them had cheated on him in some sort of way. Ruth's brother must be as depressed as Brian would.

"Well, is he still going to come to the party?" I ask.

"His friend said that they're still coming. Did I mention that his friends are going to be there too?" I shake my head. "Alright. I got to go. I have to call my parents to tell them I'll be home soon. Then to call my brother to cheer him up. I'll see you tonight, Spencer." She said and ran to her car.

I made a new English friend after the past 4 hours that we've been in England and I still need to see my other English friends. But I was excited that I get to see my new friend later tonight. I tell Brian about Ruth and her brother, and he seemed pretty interested of going to the party. I want it to be tonight already. 

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