Pretend It's Love

"Hey girl it's now or never, it's now or never."
Spencer always wanted to leave America to live in England. She always felt like herself there everytime she visited. So when her parents give the big news that her family was moving there permanently, Spencer was excited to live there and hang out with her friends. The only problem is that her friends got One Direction tickets and they want her to come. Spencer doesn't like 1D in any way or form. But when things get messed up, will her life become different?


38. The interview

The local news channel, Good Morning Boston (which is sort of like Good Morning America, but in Boston), had an interview planned out for the boys so they can kick off the U.S. Up All Night tour. Even though me and the girls aren't a big part of the tour, my dad still wanted us to come.

Within the last hour, I've become addicted to Instagram and more addicted to Twitter. But right now, being backstage doing completely nothing, I'm jamming out to Britney Spears' "If You Seek Amy". Yes, I know it has the most inappropriate song title and such, but it's a catchy song. And in addition to listening to the song, I'm dancing around like a complete idiot and a bunch of people are looking at me like I'm on steroids.  As I'm dancing like Brian, I run into Harry who was on his way to the wardrobe place to get ready. The only thing I do is stare at him. No words spoken, no nothing, and then dance away.

"Hey, Spence!" I hear my father yell over my earplugs. I see him in front of me and I stop to pull out my earpieces.

"Yeah, dad?" I ask.

"I told the producers if there's enough time to squeeze in four more people, and he said yes. So you, Clara, Jessica Marie, and Abbey are going on air live."

I forgot how to breathe.

"LIVE?!" I screech. "Dad, you know I'm not comfortable being in front of people live!"

"You just danced background at a sold out concert two days ago." He states the obvious.

"Yeah, but I'm not comfortable with being on television! That's what I'm saying!"

"Look, I can't talk right now. I already told the others, and they understand. So once Clara is done, go to Lou and she'll get you ready." Dad walks away.

Live television?! Gah!

I walk down to hair and makeup, where right on cue, Clara walks out looking beautiful with her makeup and hairdo. Lou Teasdale, the boys' and our stylist, kept her with the natural hairstyle and makeup. "Looking fab as ever, Clara." I compliment.

"Thanks, Spence." She replies. "I still can't believe we're going on international television!"

"Well, it's international for you, the boys, Jessica Marie, and Abbey. Back when I was in Boston, this was a local news channel that my mom used to watch every morning."

Suddenly, Lou pops her head out of the door. "Spencer, you ready?"

I take a deep breath. "Yeah."

~skip to the interview~

"So you boys are starting your first ever American tour here in Boston? Why?" Karalyn Ports, the co-host of Good Morning Boston, asks the boys.

"Well, it's a good place to start off a big tour. Plus our new manager, Eric, and his family was from here." Zayn answered.

So far, their interview was good. Karalyn and the other co-host, Mark, cracked a few jokes with them and asked a few questions, like how was the European tour and such.

"So I know you're probably going to get asked this a lot, and I've asked a lot of famous guest stars who come on here." Mark started. "But out of the five of you, who's dating and who isn't?"

They started at the end of the couch and went down the row. It went like this:

Niall: "Not dating, but still waiting for that special someone." Yep, and it's Rylee Knapper. I thought to myself.

Louis: "I'm currently taken by my beautiful girlfriend, Eleanor Calder."

Zayn: "I'm also dating someone. Her name's Perrie Edwards from the girl group, Little Mix. Best thing that happened to me."

Harry (who begins to look sad. It's because of me): "I'm single, but thinking of someone who doesn't want me at the moment. But she will change her mind soon."  


He's talking about me.

No, he can't. He's talking about Carly.

But Carly wants him, but...

I don't at the moment.

I stand there in awe.

And lastly, was Liam. "This is the first time I'm saying this, but I'm back to dating. My new girlfriend is the gorgeous Clara Wearsch."

Me and the girls nudge her arms, and she's beaming with joy.

"Now, I see that you have brought four important girls with you guys." Karalyn says referring to us.

"Yes, we have." Louis answers. "Let's bring them out. Say hello to our background dancers: Jessica Marie Tyler, Abbey Rosin, Spencer Bridgett, and Clara Wearsch."

We all walk out waving to the cameras. We all take spots inbetween the boys. Unfortunately, I got the spot between Zayn and Harry. Zayn, I'm fine with. It's just Harry.

"So, girls, how does it feel to be doing this tour with a world-famous boyband?" Karalyn asks.

"It's fun." Abbey answered. "Jessica Marie and I were with them for the European tour, and we're glad to introduce Spencer and Clara to the family."

"So Spencer," I look up. "It says that you're different from everyone else crammed on the couch. How?" Mark asks me.

I take a deep breath. "Well, the reason I'm different is because I'm the only American sitting on this couch being squeezed to death." I answer.

"So your father, Eric, is their manager." Oh joy. "How did you feel when you found this out?"

"You see, I wasn't really excited." I admitted. "I didn't like them in any way, shape, or form at first. But sooner or later, I learned how to see them as not for what I saw them before, but for what they are now. Just normal, teenage boys."

Everyone was giving me "aw" and "thanks Spence" and such.

"So how did you and Clara become part of the One Direction family?"

"My dad was helping out with the concert that recently happened at the Greenwich Arena, and I asked if I can come with Clara. The next thing you know, we danced for them and they asked if wanted to be background dancers with Abbey and Jessica Marie, and we said yes. Best decision I ever made."

Karalyn nods and Mark takes over. "Moving on, Clara." Oh, this is going to be good. "Liam over there said that you two were dating. Is that true?"

Clara nods. "And I'm happy we're together." She leans her head on his shoulder.

"Can we not have public display of affection here?" Niall states. Jessica Marie slaps him in the arm. "Thanks, Jessica Marie!" He says sarcastically.

"You're welcome." She replies. "Now, what were you saying?"

"Well, how long do you think Cliam will last?"

We all look at each other. I slightly raise my hand. "What's Cliam?"

"This pet name he recently made up for Liam and Clara like 15 seconds ago." Karalyn answered.

They answered "As long as we still trust and care for each other."

"Jessica Marie, I completely forgot about you. How do you girls deal with all this? I mean, traveling with five boys must be a challenge."

She sits up. "Me and Abbey dealt with them for more than a month back in Europe, and it took a lot of getting use to. I mean, with all the plane rides, hotel room layouts, security, and everything else. But it's still fun." She looks at me and Clara. "I never got the chance to say this before, but Clara and Spence, welcome to our family."

We smile and give her our thanks. "Well, that's all the time for One Direction. They'll be on tour in America for most of June and July! Up next, the story of how a young boy saved a goose from a rose bush." We go off air. We all get up from the couch and head backstage. Just as I'm about to reach my dressing room, someone grabs my wrist and turns me around.

It was a guy. Suddenly he slams his lips onto mine.

It was...


A/N: CLIFFHANGER! So haven't updated this one in a while, but I was nailing down ideas for how the interview will go.

And because I was too lazy to describe the girl's outfit, here are the links!

Abbey's outfit:

Clara's outfit:

Jessica Marie's outfit:

Spencer's outfit:

So yeah. That's all.

Thanks for reading!


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