Pretend It's Love

"Hey girl it's now or never, it's now or never."
Spencer always wanted to leave America to live in England. She always felt like herself there everytime she visited. So when her parents give the big news that her family was moving there permanently, Spencer was excited to live there and hang out with her friends. The only problem is that her friends got One Direction tickets and they want her to come. Spencer doesn't like 1D in any way or form. But when things get messed up, will her life become different?


30. The flight

<Niall's POV>

We just left the airport and are currently heading towards Boston. Whoop whoop! American Tour, here we come!

Touring Europe was fun. We got to see different countries and experience different cultures. But we're going "across the pond", as Spencer calls it, to her home country (and home state, and home city).

"And there's also Fenway Park! So maybe before the concert, we can catch a Red Sox game!" She told us about the many sights in Boston.

"Isn't there the Boston Celtics?" Liam asks.

"There is. But the Basketball season ended. The Miami Heat won, sadly." Spencer answered.

Things have been changing for the nine of us. Liam has moved on from Danielle (finally), and is now dating Clara. Me, Louis, and Zayn all think that Harry and Spence have a thing for each other, considering the fact that they did kiss in front of all of us once. Well, except in from of Abbey and Jessica Marie. I'm just sitting here getting all hyped up for America.

Then it occurred to me. That girl that was with Clara back at Heathrow was really hot. That blonde hair, those blue eyes that remind me of water, her braces. Heck, she's like a twin version of me only cuter and prettier. What was her name? Rylee was it? I'll figure it out later.

"Alright, who's up for a game of Truth or Dare?" Louis suggested.

"I'm not so sure about that." I reply. "Last time we played it, I ended up running around the entire hotel butt naked and got yelled at by the manager." Not to mention the fact that HE gave me that dare.

"That's a pretty intense dare." Clara said.

"Oh, you don't want to know the dare that he gave ME!" Abbey said.

"Or me!" Jessica Marie followed.

"Can't forget us!" Harry says.

Yeah, Louis gives out REALLY intense dares.

"Okay, let's play." We all sat in a circle."Hmmmm...NIALL!" Of course, it has to be me. "Truth or dare?"

"Truth." I reply. But then he always changes it to a dare.

"Okay, dare." He ponders through his thoughts, then speaks. "Kiss the prettiest person in this room."

Must he?

I hesistated for a moment. "On the cheeks or the lips?" Please say cheeks. Please say cheeks. Oh dear god, for the love of Nandos please say cheeks!

He sighed. "FIne, cheeks. Only because you wanted it."

DId I just say that out loud?

"Yes, lad. You did." Zayn answered.

I have got to keep things to myself from now on.

I place my lips on Liam's cheeks for fun. He blushed, and the whole group laughed. "Seriously, Niall? You think I'm pretty?" He asked still beet red.

"Don't bother." I ignore his question. Now it's my turn. "Spencer, truth or dare?"

"I'm a wild child, so dare." She replied. This was going to be good.

"I dare you to do one of Lou's dares."

She went pale and silent.

I see a sinister smile on Louis' face appear. He's thinking about his dare. Then he claps his hands like he's making a grand entrance and says.

"I dare you to make out with Harry, tongues and everything, in front of us for two minutes."

That's when she turns a beet red/pale mix and looks like her stomach came up to her throat.

"If you mind, I would like to keep my mouth clean and not have someone else's germs on my lower face." She states.

"You picked dare, and the dare was you had to do one of Louis' dares." Jessica Marie exclaims. "Lou gave you the dare, now you have to do it."

<Spencer's POV>

Louis, if you dare me to do anythng that has to do with making out with Harry, I swear I will punch you into leap year!

Well, here we go.


A/N: Made a quick chapter here!

I currently hate the weather where I'm in. It's suppose to be Spring, but it looks like winter!

I have to play basketball against my school staff in front of the entire school tomorrow. Wish me luck


I need a good idea of what will happen in America with the group. I'm braindead on ideas and I need your help. Just give me a good idea and if you win, this is what you get:

I will read your story (if you have one) and probably fan you.

It can be drama, it can be humor, it can be anything! Just need an idea.

Well, got to go! I go on Spring Break on Thursday, but the contest will end on Monday (the day after Easter). See ya soon!


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