Pretend It's Love

"Hey girl it's now or never, it's now or never."
Spencer always wanted to leave America to live in England. She always felt like herself there everytime she visited. So when her parents give the big news that her family was moving there permanently, Spencer was excited to live there and hang out with her friends. The only problem is that her friends got One Direction tickets and they want her to come. Spencer doesn't like 1D in any way or form. But when things get messed up, will her life become different?


28. Quick author's note

I know a lot of you were probably expecting a chapter here. Sorry that I didn't put one up. There's a reason I'm making this quick note.

I don't know what to do next.

I know that Spencer, Clara, Jessica Marie, and Abbey will go to America with the boys. The thing is, I don't know what should happen in America with them.

I will put a chapter in with them leaving England and heading to America. So with the help of...myself, I am making another contest because I want to get involved with the readers.

So here's the contest:

Come up with a good idea of what should happen in America with everyone.

Rules are simple:

1) Just create a good idea.

2) You can only enter once.

The contest will end on March 27, which is when spring break starts for me. So 11 days to enter.

The winner will receive.....

I haven't gotten there yet.

There will be something when the contest is done.

So thanks for your consideration, and sorry for the author's note. I will update as soon as I can, but like I said before, I won't be able to update during the week because of school and the ending basketball season. I have an end of the season banquet coming up, so can't wait for that.



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