Is it true?

An akward girl named Tatum, who was a true directioner.. Knew she was never going to even come close to being with The boys.. Untill one day she decided to tweet all the boys.. and her wishes came true.


5. The rest of the week.

I keep going over how my weekend is going to be. All my friends keep wanting to hang out but I keep rejecting them all. They know something is up. Its Tuesday After school. I've been messaging Niall non-stop. Im falling for him.

Niall's P.O.V

This girls pretty cool. I thought to myself. She seems really sweet and down to eaarth to. I should give her my number? "Niallllllll!" Harry shouted." What are you doing on your phone all the time?"

I replied hastily. "Nothing, well theres this girl on my twitter that I added, shes just a regular fan but I think I could be falling for her.. Im going to see her this weekend."

"Is that a good Idea?"

"Of course!" I replied.

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