Is it true?

An akward girl named Tatum, who was a true directioner.. Knew she was never going to even come close to being with The boys.. Untill one day she decided to tweet all the boys.. and her wishes came true.


3. Kept it to myself.

I finally realized, that Mia, had just texted me, She was wondering who the lucky fan that got followed was, she said she was probably a slut. Should I tell her? No, I cant. She will tell everyone, things will be crazy. I just said "oh, yeah. probably." I went to my twitter, and private Meassaged Niall, (you can do that when they follow you). I thanked him and I asked why he picked me. He replyed in about 5 minutes, I cant believe I didnt faint. He said, you're pretty, and I can tell you would really appreciate it. I was talking to Niall Horan. Having a straight up conversation with him. This wasnt real. I was dreaming, but I wasnt. I replied instantly saying " Thank you so much". He asked where I lived, and I told him in Houston, Texas. In the United states. He told me He was going to be in Dallas the next weekend for his tour. And asked if maybe after he could fly down to houston and come to my house, because when he meant lucky fan, he meant realllllllllyyyy lucky. Of course, I said yes.. I was crying like a baby. I couldnt belive this, In a matter of two days, I was starting to become actuall friends with Niall Horan. I couldnt tell anyone though, except my Mom. This had to be a secret.

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