Is it true?

An akward girl named Tatum, who was a true directioner.. Knew she was never going to even come close to being with The boys.. Untill one day she decided to tweet all the boys.. and her wishes came true.


1. Just a Directioner

I was a Directioner, just dreaming to meet all the boys, just wanting to say a few words to them in person. I never thought it would end like this. How can I decide? How can I do this?

By the way, Im Tatum.. Im 17. .and have loved One Direction for 3 years. I even got a twitter, just so I could know what they were doing every second of every day. Niall is my favorite, then LIam. But any of them would be just fine with me.

My best friend is Mia, she introduced me to the boys. Thats all we ever talk about. We, are pretty much obsessed. But its cool. Her favorite is Harry, so theres no fighting over them. Haha. Well, this is my story.


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