Is it true?

An akward girl named Tatum, who was a true directioner.. Knew she was never going to even come close to being with The boys.. Untill one day she decided to tweet all the boys.. and her wishes came true.


2. How it Began.

One day, I was just watching the boys video diaries, and I though that it be cool to get a twitter, so I could see what they were doing. I set up my twitter and found out how to work it... Then I followed all the Boys, and One Direction itselfs account too. I started going through Nialls first.. I loved him so much. His last tweet said, " One lucky fan that just started following who tweets me, will get a lucky surprise(: " So I tweeted him " Niall, you are my inspiration and love. "

The nxt day I woke up, and saw my phone, It said " You have a new follower on twitter!" I went straight to twitter to see who it was, it was @NiallOfficial. I couldnt believe my eyes. Niall had just followed me. I guess I was that one lucky fan. I went to Nialls account, and read his last tweet, " That one lucky fan, just got followed, sweetheart, you know its you" I almost fainted. I started screaming.. I turned on my computer and started playing WMYB. I was thrilled.

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