Another World

Jess has to move to Mullingar once her Father gets laid off from his job, leaving her family with little money. She's devastated. Once she moves, she meets a sweet Irish boy named Niall. Maybe Mullingar wasn't half bad.


2. The Blonde Boy


By the time I woke up, the flight was over, we grabbed a taxi to drive us back to the house. When we got there I was amazed. Even though the house wasn’t incredibly big, it was beautiful. Who knew Mullingar, Ireland could be so nice. We walked up the long curved driveway to the front door, and my father opened the house with the shiny new key. Just when I thought that the house couldn’t be more prettier, I stepped inside. It was amazing. From the crystal chandelier in the forier to the Mahogany wood flooring. Just imagine what this place would look like furnished. The only furniture there were air mattresses which we had brought. Since it was already 11:00 We decided to go to sleep for the night, I went up to my “room” and I blew up the air mattress. It was so uncomfortable. I couldn’t stop tossing and turning. By 12:30, my parents were asleep. I walked out the front door quietly and sat on the front porch. “ Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad” i smiled to myself


“ Well you done done me and you bet I felt it, I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that I melted,” I heard singing in the distance. I knew in my head not to go, but my feet took over and started walking toward the soft guitar strums. The sound seemed to be coming from my neighbors house. I stood behind a tree and peeked out. It was a boy, he looked about 16, my age. I could feel my feet take over again and started walking over to him until I tripped over a tree root and fell, making what seemed to be the loudest noise I have ever heard. He stopped playing. “ Dammit!” I muttered. “ Who’s there?” He asked. He was blonde and had a heavy irish accent. I stood up and then our eyes met, I tried to run. “ No don’t go it’s ok.” he said to me. I stopped in my tracks and walked over to him. “ I’m so sorry, I just heard the guitar and I, I-” What was i supposed to say, oh hi, I heard you singing and I decided that i would come visit event hough I have no idea who you are. “ It’s fine,” He laughed, “ I’m Niall, I haven’t seen you around, you must be our new neighbors?” He was making it so hard to pay attention, not only did he sing like an angel, but he looked like one too, “ Umm, yeah, I’m Jessica, but you can call me Jess, I mean if you want to..” Great, I sound like an idiot! “ Calm down mate, I don’t bite. Come sit down”  I walked over to his porch and sat down next to him. “ What are you doing up so late?” he asked me. “ Well I’ve been traveling all day and i-,” “couldn’t fall asleep?” he finished my sentence, “ me either, I’m too nervous.” I was confused for a second, “ why are you nervous?” I asked. “ Well I’m on a show called X-factor with my band One Direction. They didn’t think we were good enough alone so they put us in a group. I’m supposed to be in england right now, but they let me come home for a couple weeks. I’m nervous we won’t make it through the next round.”

He sounded so innocent, like a little kitty cat, and I just wanted to give him a hug. “Come on, You’re amazing! He blushed and looked down at his knees. “You really think so?” he asked. “ definitely” I smiled and looked down at his guitar. “You play?” he asked me “oh not really just a little.” “Let’s hear it” I stared to play a soft tune and began singing, “ I’m falling, falling slowly. I’m breaking, into pieces. I’m kneeling, by your doorstep, don’t leave me, here alone. I watched you flea the crime scene, I stared you down, ‘till you left me, I’m praying, i’m not alone.” He sat there speechless, his blue eyes staring into mine. “what?” I said to break the silence. “ Nothing, it’s just.. You have a beautiful voice, did you write that?” He smiled “ yeah, it’s not that great, I just write them in my spare time, which i guess I’ll have a lot of now because I don’t know anybody here.” I looked down at my feet. “ well you know me!” He put on the biggest smile, which made me crack up. “You’re alright you know.” I giggled , “ you’re not to bad your self” he raised his eye brows up and down. “ stop it!” I joked and playfully  punched his arm and he smiled. “ I better be going  I’m actually quite tired.”  “ Yeah me too, Nice meeting you Jess” he gave me a little hug which made me blush “ you too Niall.” I started walking away. About five steps in  he stopped be, “ wait Jess I didn’t get your number” I gave it to him and smiled. I waved to him before I left and he waved back. Maybe Mullingar wasn’t half bad


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