Another World

Jess has to move to Mullingar once her Father gets laid off from his job, leaving her family with little money. She's devastated. Once she moves, she meets a sweet Irish boy named Niall. Maybe Mullingar wasn't half bad.


9. Nandos

"jess wake up" i heard a familiar irish voice say. I sat up."
"what time is it?" i asked. 
" its almost 12 in the afternoon. The paparazzis gone, how bout we all go out for lunch?"
" sure just give me about thirty minutes to get ready"
I ran upstairs into my room and picked out my clothes. A pink tank top, bleached skinny jeans, and my glitter supras. I go to do my makeup but realize that i forgot my makeup in the bathroom. I open the door and harrys standing there with a towel on. 
"OH... Im so sorry!! I didnt mean to walk in on you." he turned around. 
" thats ok love, its not like you saw anything." he smiled
His body was so chisled. Almost perfect. He had 2 birthmarks on his chest, so it looked like he had 4 nipples. Wow. He's really attractive.
"i'll let you get changed, i'll be in my room, just come and get me when you're finished."  i walked out of the the bathroom and hurried to my room, my face blushing, i shut the door. Right when i shut it someone opened it. 
" i can just get changed somewhere else ya know. I know that girls like to fix themselves a lot." he flashed me a smile.
" really thanks," i said, "theres a bathroom downstairs, you can use that." he nodded and walked out.  I sighed a quick sigh of releif even though i had no idea why i was nervous. I walked into the bathroom and started applying my makeup when i noticed a small piece of paper on the counter. 
" your phone was in here, i added my contact ;)" 
It was written in eyeliner. I smiled and continued on with my makeup.

Harrys pov

I got a text from jess who was upstairs right now
" clever clever man.. -jess"
I could tell i was blushing. She was gorgeous. She always seemed happy and upbeat, her green sparkling eyes, her perfect smile....... Damn.. 

(nialls pov)
We waited for jess to come down stairs. She always took longest getting ready when i used to stay over her house, i guess it's worth it though because everyday she looks perfect. I heard he light footsteps come down the stairs. She smiles.. But not at me, at harry.... Whats going on? 
"Jess?" i say 
"hmm?" she turns her attention to me.
" you ready to go to lunch?" i forced a smile on my face.
"where are we going?" she smiled back at me.
"Nandos! Where do you think we're going?" i joked with her. It looked like i got her attention of of harry. I grabbed her hand and walked out the door with her followed by the rest of the boys.
We walk out to the car and pile in. Me and jess are in the front, and harry zayn, liam, and louis squeeze in a 3 seater in the back. 

(jess's pov)
When we got to nandos, niall passed back sunglasses and hoodies to the boys. 
" can i wear the mustache?" louis asked. Niall passed back the mustache also. They all put on the glasses and hoodies. I looked at them with a confused look.
" we have to wear these so we wont get mobbed" liam answered. Louis ripped the backing of the mustache off and placed it onto his lip. 
"how do i look niall?" he asked 
" sexy" niall replied.
We all hopped out of the car  and i walked beside niall. I was almost scared that someone would notice who they were and come and mob me... Any girl the fans see that they,ve never heard of gets dirty looks and death threats. I pushed the thought out of my head and niall pulled my hand into his and our fingers interlocked. He pushed open the door and we walked in. Niall and the rest of the boys walked In.

(nialls pov)
We walked inside and got a table 
"you ever been here?" louis asked jess.
"yeah niall and i used to come here ." i remember those days. Jess  and i used to walk down to nandos for lunch i feel like i cant be alone with her. Dont get me wrong , i love the guys, but they  can intrude on my privacy alot. The waitress came over to us and said, " hi my name is julia and ill be your server today, may i intrest you in a drink?"
" i'll have a pop please" louis answered and all of the boys agreed with him. 
"I'll have a beer" jess and i said at the same time. The waitress dropped the notepad on the ground and her smile dropped to an "o" face. 
"you.......... You......... You guys .. You're One-" harry quickly junped up and placed a finger on her lips and shushed her. 
" dont make a scene and 3 bacstage passes are in it for you." she looked like she was about to pass out as she wobbled back and forth.
"its alright love," zayn said," we're just regular people." she regained her balance and harry handed her the backstage passes, " we always keep these handy."
"thank you so much! She gasped for air.
" thank you so much!! I'll be right over with your drinks." and with that she scurried away. 
( Harrys pov) 
The table was set up like this.
Niall, jess and liam. 
Zayn, Me, and louis. 
Niall across from zayn, jess across from me, and louis across from liam.  
I really liked jess, she was the girl that i could could joke around with but still be inlove with at the same time. I know niall has feelings for her though. He used to talk about her when we were on x-factor. He'd say," this girl is the one, i swear this time!" but how would i be able to keep myself satisfied without hurting niall, theres no possible way. I guess tgeres no otherway than to just go for her. Sorry niall. 

( nialls pov) 
I saw harry trying to flirt with jess a lot this morning they were staring at eachother, now theyre playing footsie under the table. You want to play harry? I'll show you how to play. 
I look over at jess who has her eyes fixed on a menu. 
" you know jess,  you look really lovely today." i said. She looked over at me. 
" really? I just threw this on and fixed my hair a little," 
Oh nice one niall. Harry looked over at me and he knew what i was doing.
" jess are you wearing a new perfume, you smell great," he smiled.
" actually,  i havent showered in days...." she looked at him with a confused look. Point one, niall. I grabbed her hand under the table, and her fingers intertwined with mine. " im so glad im back," i whispered to her. She leaned my head on her shoulder ,  " me too" she blushed as i kissed her on the cheek. Harry  looked over at us. His face slightly red and angered. Point 2 for niall.  The waitress came back with our drinks, " are you guys ready to order?" she asked us. " yes," said zayn. They all told the waitress their orders and it got to jess and i. " ill have 2 orders of peri peri chicken with tortilla chips and salsa." i told her. 
" aww thats sweet, you ordered for me," jess said. 
" actually", i laughed," this is all for me" she quickly dropped her smile and added," oh, well i'll just have the same thing" the waitress walked away and left us alone. " you sure you can eat all of that?" i adked, "sounds like a lot of food for you," i said to her. " i aprecciate your cander, but i really dont care. Your not my mother." jess  half yelled at me. 
" chill out," i said to her , dont be all pmsing" i joked. 
" oh no, liam put his hand to his forhead and shook it. 
" i think im just going to excuse myself!" jess  stood up out if her seat and made her way down the hall to the ladies room. 
" niall ?! What the hells wrong with you?!" louis asked me.
"what?" i was really confused.
" i'll go talk to her guys," harry said as he got up out of his seat, pushed his chair in and walked in the direction that jess did.  Harry point 1, niall, point-1746378377.

Harrys pov

I ran after jess into the hallway where the bathrooms are.  I knocked on the ladies room door. 
"jess, are you in there? Its harry" i knocked another time.
" just go away" i heard a muffled voice. 
" cmon jess, just open up, im not here to hurt you or anything!"
She opened the door slightly to see if anyone was around, and when she saw that the coast was clear, she quickly pulled me by the collar into the the one stalled ladies room and locked the door.

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