Another World

Jess has to move to Mullingar once her Father gets laid off from his job, leaving her family with little money. She's devastated. Once she moves, she meets a sweet Irish boy named Niall. Maybe Mullingar wasn't half bad.


8. Movie night

"wake upp!!!" i heard harry scream "get ready for a movie night!!" i rubbed my eyes and sat up. Niall was gone. 
" wheres niall?" i asked looking around
" oh he went to go cook some popcorn. Come on get up!"
I got out of bed and stood infront of harry.
"what time is it?" 
" it's 9:00 at night, now come on lets go!"
I walked out following harry into the kitchen where Niall was making popcorn, bowls and bowls of popcorn. 
" good night beautiful" niall smiled and laughed.
I looked in the closest mirror. Hair was sticking up in every direction and my makeup had literally sweated off. 
"ughh thanks niall!!" i shot him a "thats not funny"look and ran into the bathroom to fix myself up. I plugged in my straighter and took out my make up.   
The straighter was heated so i straightened my long hair and pushed it back with a headband.  I removed my makeup and put a light foundation to cover up any imperfections and a light sparkly eyeshadow. Perfect. There was a knock on my door, i walked over to open it. It was zayn. 
" you alright? " he asked me.
" Im fine, i just dont want to look like godzilla."
"you look beautiful either way." he smiled at me  and i smiled back. We both walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. Niall pulled me aside into my room.
" what was that about?" he asked me.  
" nothing" i said, " he just came to see if i was alright." 
" you do know I was joking with you right?" he looked serious
" yes niall, i know it was just a joke"
He gave me a tight hug and we walked out of my room.
" whos ready for a movie night!!" liam was literally jumping up and down. 
" i am! " louis was carrying 3 bowls of popcorn. Two in his hands, and one in the crease of his neck. 
" here louis, let me grab a bowl" i laughed grabbing a bowl . Louis was a really funny guy. We all walked over to the couches. Niall and i sat on one couch,  harry and louis sat on the second, and zayn and liam sat on the third. I grabbed the remote and turned on the tv. Thank god for netflix.
" what kind of movie do you guys want to watch?" i asked
" toystory!" liam shouted out.
" we've seen that about 80 times liam!" zayn said. I guess liam likes toystory. 
"ok its settled, were watching the woman in black!" harry blurted out. I hated scary movies. Good thing i have niall next to me. I handed harry the remote and he searched the woman in black. When he found it, he turned it on. After about thirty minutes into the movie  i was hiding in nialls arms. They all laughed everytime i screamed.  It was "cute" as harry would say.  When it was over i was releaved. Good thing i wasnt sleeping tonight. It was almost 11:00.  
" how bout we watch toy story now." i said shaking. Liam looked scared too.  
" i agree with jess, toy story." they all laughed.
"fine. If it makes you feel better" harry smiled. He turned on toy story 1. 
"toy story marathon it is"
When we  got to toystory 3, liam was practicly crying. 
" this movie gets me everytime." liam said. Harry laughed. We went on watching movies until it was sunrise. We all fell asleep on eachother. I guess we couldn't help it. Watching movies is tiring.
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