Another World

Jess has to move to Mullingar once her Father gets laid off from his job, leaving her family with little money. She's devastated. Once she moves, she meets a sweet Irish boy named Niall. Maybe Mullingar wasn't half bad.


5. "I don't know when, but i'll be back.."


“What? What girl? that must’ve been a different Niall.” I tried to walk past him but his arms swung across me locking me in place .

“Nialls got a girlfriend?” i looked down at me feet. “No!” I answered

“then who was it?” I never told Greg about girls, he’d always bother me about them, just like any older sibling would.

“Just our new neighbor..” I mumbled.

“Oh, so you’ve got a crush on the Jersey girl?” He smiled.

“ I just met her yesterday, I was Just showing her around town..”

“ Good luck man,” He said, “women can be feisty.” He walked away removing his tight grip on my body.  I took in a deep breath. What did he mean by that?


***2 Weeks later***


(Jess’s pov)


Niall and I have been hanging out a lot lately over the past couple weeks, I don’t really know how, but we literally became best friends in such a short amount of time. I get a text from Niall telling me to meet him on his front lawn. It’s about 2:00 I’m already dressed and up for the day, I decided not to do any touching up, i mean come on, it’s Niall, he’s seen me with no makeup on movie nights. I walk out the front door and walk through the trail that we call, “our trail”. I see him sitting on his front porch. He doesn’t seem as cheery as he usually does. I rush over to find out whats wrong. 

“ Nialler? Whats up? You look upset”  I didn’t like seeing him upset, it made me feel upset.

“ I totally forgot to remind you, and you’ve probably forgotten.” I was really confused by this point, i just shot him a “ what are you talking about Niall?” look. He continued.

“ I’m leaving tomorrow.... for london” He looked down at his shoes, And I just gave him a huge hug and wrapped my arms all the way around him like a security blanket.

“ Niall......” I actually cried, “ I won’t see you again for a long time.” I said still tightly gripping onto him. We both pulled away. I saw his cheeks getting red from tears too.

“ I’ll text you and call you whenever I have time to!”,  he said, “ I promise I’ll be home, who knows when, but I’ll be home.

“ I’m going to miss you Nialler..” I forced a smile onto my face.

“ I’m going to miss you more..” He forced one on to. We both looked into each others eyes and for a second the world around us just stopped. We both slowly leaned in, until our noses were touching. He placed his lips on mine in a soft peck. after that we both just held each other tight for a minute or two.

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