Tell someone

This is for the people that have been bullied and are having second thoughts about their life.Please read.


1. Speak up.

If you're being bullied Speak up.Tell someone.See a counselor.Tell you're mom or dad.Don't just say everything is fine SPEAK UP ! I have never been bullied but my friend was and she told me that it's not a thing you want anybody to go through.I personally think that people that bully someone else are just sick and pathetic.I even cry sometimes when im on youtube seeing that young people ended their life because they been bullied.It makes me sick to my stomach.If you been bullied or are being bullied email me at and tell me your experience or tell me what's going on in your mind about you being bullied.Im hear to help you.I may only be 12 but I give great advice :).


~NatCx3 <3

Stay strong.<3                                                                                                              Stay beautiful.<3                                                                                                         Speak up if you see someone getting bullied or you're being bullied. <3

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