a summer to remeimder

This story is about a girl named lex styles she has a older brother named harry style.harry is verry protective of his litte sister.but what happes if she falls in love whit one of his mates?


2. chapther2


Whene harry opend the door and we whent in side it was a big houes. we walked in to the liveing room and there was a boy siteing there waching tv. hi the boy said my name  liam. hi i said back my name is lexxie but you can call me lex for short i said. Aftere that liam gotup and whenet to his room. A few mintes latere a boy wiht brown/black hair wiht brown eyes and a boy wiht blond hair and blue eye  came into the liveing room. before coming to site downe the boys stoped a looked at me andthe boy wiht brown/blake hair and borwon eyes  siaed hi my name is zayn. the boy wiht blond hair and blue eyes said hi my name is naill. hi i said back my name lexxie but you can call me lex fore short i said. naill sat down befor zayn sat down he looked back at me them he sat down. i thought to my slefe that zayn was kind of cuiet.


I got up and got dressed bcause harry had told us that his sister was coming over.

I went to the liveing room and stped when i saw harry's sister she is  verry beautiful and i thought to my slef man she is hot. before i sat down i looked back at her then trund to wach tv.


I [saw zayn an naill walk into the liveing room and stoped to say hi to lex. naill sat down after saying hi but zayn STOLD there and looked back at lex before siting down, i did not like the way zayn looke at my sister becuse im vearry protective of my litte sister.

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