a summer to remeimder

This story is about a girl named lex styles she has a older brother named harry style.harry is verry protective of his litte sister.but what happes if she falls in love whit one of his mates?


4. chapthe4


Lex Pov:

hey guys im going up stsirs to unpake i need some help will one o f you guys hellp me? i asked the boys Zayn  and niall both said . sure thing lex. zayn gave niall a dirte look back thats when harry said no i think i will help here  said my big borther harry. we hent up satires and we unpacked my sutff thats when my phone whent off i looked to see who it was and it was my Bff  maddz.

HEY MADDZ! i said HEY LEX! whats up maddz. Nothing i was just calling to tell you that im coming to vised you guys! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! ok i will be thare tomore ok. ok. BYE LUX! BYE MADDZ!

i walked back in to my room whit a big smail on my face. who was that? harry asked me. oh just Maddz. i know he has a huge crush on her. really? ya and she is coming to visted us! really! he said and he had a HUGE simal on his face.

ok thx for hellping me  bor.  sure thing. im going to go to sleep now. ok see you in the moning little sis.


Im so happy maddz is coming i have a huge crush on here. I went downe stares to where the boys are. ok guys here is deall lex is off liment and if enone of you hurrt here in enway i will kill you . this was mostly tords zayn.


When harry said that lex was off liamens he was looking start at me.


when harry said lex was off liaments i looked at him wired becase i have a crush on lex a nobody knows. 

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