a summer to remeimder

This story is about a girl named lex styles she has a older brother named harry style.harry is verry protective of his litte sister.but what happes if she falls in love whit one of his mates?


3. chapter3

lex pov:

i saw the way zayn was looking at me but i pretend that i did not notes. then i saw my brother harry giveing zayn a "the look". i  kind of like zayn. but i wonder what harry would think if i told him i like zayn shold i.... no not yet.

zayn pov:

man lex is so cuite and she looks hot. i think i;m falling for her.

harry pov

i'm going to be whatching all the boys colsele exspshole zayn. i just don't whant lex to get heret.

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