a summer to remeimder

This story is about a girl named lex styles she has a older brother named harry style.harry is verry protective of his litte sister.but what happes if she falls in love whit one of his mates?


1. capther1


Hey guys my name is lex stlyes and im 17 years old.i have my borther harry stlyes and i cant whate to go on vacashon wiht him and his mates. will got tho go there be here enaye minte.


When i got up this moning I was really happy becues to day is the day we get to pick up lex.

I got up and got dress and whent to the liveing room. when i got to the liveingroom liam was up and he was whacting tv. goodmoning liam said. moning i said i went to get my car keys. I will be back in 10 minets i said walking to the. where are you going? liam asked. im going to get my sister lex i said. ok he said. I was driveing until i saw lex's house i parked in the drive way and whent to rining the door bell.


I had just finshed packing the last of my stufe when i heard the doorbell. I went to go get the door i opend the door and saw my borther harry i give him a big hug a let him in.

Are you ready to go harry asked. yes just let me get my bags. Affter i got my bags we got into his car a drov back to his and the boys houes we pulled up into the draveway and got out of the. harry un locke the door and we whent in.


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