When Harry Met Allie

Allie was just your average small town girl going to collage in a big city. See what happens when she stumbles upon a boy named Harry who changes her life forever, and see how she changes his... PLEASE COMMENT AND FAVORITE! I'm more than happy to receive feedback!!!! love all of you! ♥ ♥ ♥

My Idea of what Allie and Darcy look like... if you want too see click the link ♥ LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!



17. YAY JEASUS! amen.

A few month later me and Allie were in the living room with Darcy who was now 2 years old. We sat on the couch watching love actually, and eating Pizza.

"I wish every single day of my life could be like this, sitting on the couch with you and darcy watching movies all day. If only you didnt have so many performances and recording sessions..." She looked up at the celing and i knew that she was trying to get me to take time off of work.

"I cant take anymore time off Allie, Were really busy right now at work. We have a new album coming out and we need to advertize as much as we can." She rolled her eyes, and started braiding Darcys softly curled hair.

"daddy" Darcy said looking at me opening and closing her hands. Allie handed her over to me and got up off the couch and headed into the kitchen. 5 minuets later she came out with popcorn and a dish of cherios for Darcy.

"Darcy do you want your nummies..." She looked at Darcy and she got all giddy and exited.

"NUMMY" she said reaching for the bowl.

"How do you ask nicley..." She said with a stern but sweet face.

"Peeeeeaaaaasssssssss." She said through her teeth flashing me and Allie a big adorable smile. Allie handed her the dish and kissed her on the head and sat down next to me and haded me the overflowing bowl of popcorn.

"She is growing up to fast." I said to allie as she threw her hair into a high messy bun with the ponytail that was on her wrist.

"I know it seems just like yesterday we were in New York holding her for the first time..." She kissed me on the cheek and then grabbed a handful of popcorn out of the bowl. I stared at the little red ring around her wrist from the ponytail sitting there so long.

After she finshed off the popcorn that was in her hand i kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back and then pulled away....

"Have you brushed your teeth yet today." She said cringing.

"Nope." I said smiling trying to look cheeky, she giggled and then told me she could tell. I laughed back at her.

Allie rebraided Darcys hair into little piggy tails. She was to cute for words. We finshed watching the movie. Allie cried at the ending. she always does, and Darcy kissed her on the cheek and gave her a bear hug.

"No sad mommy." she said concerned. Me and Allie laughed. I got up to clean up the mess we made in the living room and allie went to go put Darcy to bed.

When i walked in Darcy and allie were sitting at the edge of her little bed praying...

"Now i lay me down to sleep i pray the lord my soul to keep. if i shall die before i wake..." Allie stoped and Darcy continued... "I pray lord my soul take." She smiled at allie and allie kissed her on the head with her hands still gracefully intertwined....

"Thank you Lord Jeasus for my family and my wonderful life. thank you for all the people that were good to me today.... and forgive those who didnt choose to be as kind." Allie nudged Darcy "Your turn."

"Thanks for mommmy.... and dadddddy... and uncle lou, and Niall, and Liam, and Uncle Z, and thank you for cherrio, and pincess arial, and thanks for nice people, and forgive bad ones." she smiled at Allie, and Allie said she did good. "Now do you want to add the final touch or should i." Allie asked Darcy. Darcy replied "MEmememememememe." Allie laughed and told her to go on.

"YAY JEASUS. amen." Darcy giggled and allie whispered into her ear amen.

"Okay Darcy BEDTIME!!!!!!" Allie scooped her up and started to dance around the room with Darcy in her arms. She started to sing a song from the new princess movie "Tangled" and Darcy hummed along. Finally after about a minuet of spinning and Dancing she finally jumped onto the bed with Darcy and tucked her under the covers....

"I love you Boo..." Allie said rubbing the tip of her nose on Darcys and smiled big.

"I wuv you mommy." Darcy smiled and suddenly got up and told allie to check for monsters and spray them away. Allie looked under the bed, in her closet and behind her nightstand. then sprayed some monsterspray or "febreze" into the air.

"There you go Boo, no more monsters." Allie kissed her on the head and re-tucked her in.

"Goodnight Mommy..." Darcy said closing her eyes.

"Night Darcy." She turned off the light and then left the door open a crack. When Allie went around the corner of the door and saw me she was startled and yellped then stumbled backwards and fell to her bum. I started to laugh.

"Harry you are SOOO not funny." She said to me with her scary angry face.

"Im sorry love..." I kissed her and she kissed me back and then we went into our room and went to sleep.


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