When Harry Met Allie

Allie was just your average small town girl going to collage in a big city. See what happens when she stumbles upon a boy named Harry who changes her life forever, and see how she changes his... PLEASE COMMENT AND FAVORITE! I'm more than happy to receive feedback!!!! love all of you! ♥ ♥ ♥

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1. Spilling Coffee... in a good way.


Before you start reading I would like to introduce you to Alexandria Montgomery:















Allies POV.

  I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. Being Allie i moaned and hit the snooze button a billion times before I got up out of bed and put my slippers on. I walked like a zombie to the kitchen and grabbed some cereal and poured it into a bowl. My apartment was so quiet so i turned on BBC and went to the fridge to get some milk. I looked and found the carton, unscrewed the lid but when i poured it over my cereal nothing came out.

"You have got to be kidding me." I muttered as i harshly threw the carton into the garbage can.

"Well at least i have a reason to go out for breakfast this morning..." I said to my cat as i walked to my room. I glanced in the mirror and realized I actually looked decent, wich is a rareity for me so i did my hair, and decided makeup wasn’t needed, I picked out the cutest outfit in my closet, looked into the mirror and said “My name is Alexandra and I am stunning.” Just for confidence. 

     I looked out side and saw the thin sheet of snow covering the ground and smiled, It was the first snowfall of the year. I decided to grab a pea coat, a scarf, and my favorite grey knit beanie and some ugg boots because of the cold weather.

            I stepped outside and walked down the stepps of my flat. I absolutley adored the smell of winter. The air is so crisp and fresh. Most people hate winter but i love it more than any other season. I decided that for breakfast i was going to go downtown london and grab a starbucks coffee. Downtown London was most likley my most favorite place on earth. I grew up in Minnesota around Farms and corn feilds, but the city was so busy and caeotic. I loved it with all my heart.

            I went up to the counter and ordered a steaming holiday mocha, I dont know how starbucks does it, but holiday mochas taste just like christmas. I thanked the man when he handed me my coffee and walked out of there feeling carefree. I started to make my way back to my flat and noticed a tall boy with curly hair signing autographs to a couple girls at the street corner. I laughed at how exited they were, but when the boy turned around he ran straight into me and spilt my coffee all over me. I squeeled at the feeling of the liquid burning my skin.

            I looked up at him and all he said was “I am so sorry...” I just stood there. He didn’t even know how mad I was, i was about to explode.

“Here, let me buy you a new one.” He said apologetically. I looked at him and laughed.

"You better..." I turned around and started walking back to the starbucks with the stranger at my side.

      We stepped inside and the boy looked at me and started blushing. He walked up to the counter and ordered one for me and one for himself. The same man that gave me my last coffee gave Harry my new one and the man gave me an odd look. Harry smiled at me and i noticed his cute dimples i smiled back as he made his way to a table and put our coffees down there. I sat down silentley and took a sip from the container.

"I am really really sorry." He said once again looking at his shoes.

"Its okay, just dont make a habit of it." I joked and he laughed and smiled at me.

"Im Harry by the way, I dont think i got the chance to properly introduce myself..." Hi said offering me his hand to shake. I just smiled "I'm Allie."

     We chatted for about twenty minuets and the entire time I kept on getting looks from people around the coffee shop. They would stare and then wisper into eachothers ears, Harry must have noticed that I was getting uncomftorble.

"Why dont we go for a walk Allie." 

"I would actually love to but i have to be getting back soon." I got up from my chair and he did to.

"Well can i atleast walk you back to your flat?" He asked, i just nodded.

"Sure." We bolth threw away what was left of our drinks and started to walk down the sidewalk to my flat.

"I just love winter." Harry said inhaleing the air. I smiled and nodded, the atmosphere around us started to get awkward.

"How about we play twenty questions." Harry said cheekily grinning at me. I looked at that smile and he some how looked familiar.

"Bring it on." I smirked at him and he started first.

"Do you have any pets?"

"One cat, his name is Nemo." Harry smiled. "Your turn." It took me a minuet to think of one but then i just went with something simple.

"Do you have any siblings?" 

"I have an older sister named Gemma." He smiled and asked me another.

"Favorite color?" 

"Baby blue." He smiled at my answer and we continued with the questions until we got to my flat.

"Okay that makes nineteen." He said as we walked up the steps.

"Okay we only have time for one more so you better think of one quick." He laughed as i put my key into the door and unlocked it.

"Allie Montgomery, how would you like to have dinner with me tonight?” He looked almost shy when he asked. I laughed at him and nodded. He smiled from ear to ear and revealed his dimples.

“Okay I’ll see you at 9:30 at my place, ill cook.” I nodded and we exchanged numbers, he waved goodbye as i shut the door and went upstairs to my little apartment. I shut the door and then slid from the door to the ground melting in exitement, and deep down I was happy that I spilt my coffee.

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