When Harry Met Allie

Allie was just your average small town girl going to collage in a big city. See what happens when she stumbles upon a boy named Harry who changes her life forever, and see how she changes his... PLEASE COMMENT AND FAVORITE! I'm more than happy to receive feedback!!!! love all of you! ♥ ♥ ♥

My Idea of what Allie and Darcy look like... if you want too see click the link ♥ LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!



28. Please... please help me.

Louis sat in my hotel room with me. I sat their silently tears spilling down my cheeks... i didnt know who to turn to. My whole world had come crashing down on me just minuets before... Why? i thought to myself Why Me?

"Harry where did they go?..." Louis started tearing up to...

"I don't know." i sat there looking into outer space...

"I'm going to call Eleanor, if anybody knows where Allie went its her." He dialed her on his phone... She was on speed dial #1 and was listed in his phone as WIFEEEEEE ♥♥... why did they have to be do damn cute.

"No answer, sorry man. I don't know what else to do" he put his hand on my shoulder. Tears came faster, then Niall came in.

"Hey guys..." he looked at me and stopped talking, "what happened to Harry?" He looked at Louis for answers. Neither of us responded.

I spent an hour pacing back and forth, where were they... i called allies cell phone for the Billionth time... of course no answer. I really screwed up this time. Then suddenly i got a phone call...

"Hello...." i said praying it was Allie.

"HARRY!!! HARRY!" i could tell it was Eleanor under all the whimpers and sobs...

"Eleanor slow down what going on..." i asked.

"It's Allie, please... please help me..." she cried even harder. i could hear Darcy screaming "MOMMY!" in the background.

"Where are you ill be right over..." i ran out the door as soon as i could.

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