When Harry Met Allie

Allie was just your average small town girl going to collage in a big city. See what happens when she stumbles upon a boy named Harry who changes her life forever, and see how she changes his... PLEASE COMMENT AND FAVORITE! I'm more than happy to receive feedback!!!! love all of you! ♥ ♥ ♥

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49. Letters and Abrupt News.

Allies POV/


     I sat at my little writing desk in the loft of the house. I had learned to make this my space in the house over the years that we lived here. It was the only place in the house that was fully mine. I looked at the blank page infront of me, and started to write "For Darcy on her Wedding Day." on the envelope. I had decided to take it upon myself to write letters for all the biggest events in my girls lives that I wouldent be able to take part in.

My Dearest Darcy Anne,

     Have I ever told you how much you look like you dad? Well its the truth. You have his eyes, and his dark brown curly hair... everytime I look at you I see a piece of him and it never fails to bring a smile to my face. I love you so much baby girl.

     I am writing you because you have found the one, and I wish I could meet him. But just know that if you love him Im sure I do to, Im sure hes a gentlemen and he calls you beautiful evey chance he gets. Id expect that of him. Just remember that I'm always here darling. I may not be standing infront of you but Ill always be there in spirit, Ill always be listening whenever you need me. I promise that youll never be alone. I just hope that this love of yours is as wonderful as the love that I shared with your father, I'm sure you have most likley heard our love story a blillion times from your dad, but it's a good one so I'm just going to summarize it for you.

     It was on the first day of winter that I had met your dad, at first I had hated him but its impossible to hate a man like my Harry. We fell in love, and he was the one and only love of my life. He was always there for me and he always reminded me every day about how much he loved me and he also gave me you and your little sister, and that is what had made my lifetime complete. You two were my little angels, and Your father loved you as much as I did, if not more... but im pretty sure it was impossible to love you both more than I do. He gave me the best love story I could ever ask for and for that I will always be grateful. Tell him that I love him by the way will you? He probably already knows but its always is nice to be reminded.

     This isnt about my love story anymore Darcy, its about yours and I hope it is as beautiful and glorious as you hope for it to be. Tell your husband that he has found himself an angel, my angel. I hope you bolth have a wonderful life together.

Forever Yours,



        I wiped away the tears that had formed in my eyes and folded the letter and sealed it into the envelope. With a shakey hand I laid it into the drawer that had stacks of letters I had written for my family. I sighed and struggled to push the drawer back into place. I sat and closed my eyes as I heard Harry walk up the steps to my loft.

"Hey darling." He said kissing me on the cheek.

"Hi Harry." I said weakly smiling at him.

"Why dont you come down soon, everyone is going to be here for dinner in a little while." I nodded and wrapped my arms around him.

"Ill be down in a bit, I just have one last thing to complete." I looked at the one last peice of paper that layed on my desk. Harry looked at me with suspition and turned to go downstairs. I waited until I heard his footsteps disapear and then started my final letter. "For Harry."


Harrys POV/

      Allie had been up in her little loft three nights in a row. I just let her have her privacy, she needed time for herself and I knew that. I then heard a knock at the door and opened it to see all the faces of the people I loved.

"Niall!" Stella screamed latching herself onto his legs.

"Hey princess..." He said picking her up off of the ground. Eleanor and Louis followed behind Niall and Eleanor looked like she was ready to pop.

"Hey Harry." She said giving me a hug trying to avoid hitting me with her belly.

     When everyone had finally arrived we all just sat in the living room and had a laugh reminicing about the old days and stories. Louis sat with his hands on Eleanors stomach, and Zayn and Perrie were all lovey dovey on the couch as they always were. Liam just sat with The girls on his lap. He had called it off with Sophie a week before so he just enjoyed the company of my little ones. We had sat for another half an hour before Allie emerged all cleaned up for dinner.

"If its not the lady of the hour!" Louis said getting up to embrace her in a hug.

"Hi louis..." She giggled and came to sit on my lap. I planted a kiss on her cheek, and just watched as her tiny framed fit into mine.

"How are you feeling?" Perrie asked observing how much weight Allie had lost and her weak green eyes.

"I have seen better days, but I'm still here arn't I?" She laughed and Perrie hugged her. Allie sat back down and I muttered in her ear...

"Dont make fun of it like that..." She rolled her eyes. The conversation was interupted from Stellas laughter erupting throught the room. We all watched as Niall chased her and she fell on her bum.

"Ive got you now Stella!" He yelled tickling at her sides. Her laughter got even louder as she atempted to push him away.

"Whos girl are you?" He said smiling as Stella tried to squirm away from him.

"yours!" She giggled attempting to escape...

"I cant hear you!" He said giving her a rasberry...

"Yours Niall, Yours!" She yelled giggaling.

"Alright alright..." He said letting go and sitting down on the couch as Stella made her way to Allie.

"Hey baby." Allie said wrapping her arms around the little curly haired girl.

"Momma im hungry." She said grabbing her hand and atempting to pull her to the kitchen.

"Stella, dinner is gonna be done in a minuet hold in there." Stella made a pouty face and Allie got off of my lap onto the ground so Stella could sit on her lap.

     We sat and talked for another five minuets before I heard the oven timer go off. We all gathered around the dinner table and just talked...

"The baby is going to be here any day now..." Eleanor said smiling and grabbing Louis hand.

"Are you guys ready?" Allie asked smiling.

"We have bolth been ready for ages, we just want it to be here." Eleanor laughed and took another drink of water from her glass.

"Its going to be really diffrent with a baby in your house im warning you..." I said nudging Louis side they bolth giggled.

"But I promise its going to be a change for the better." Allie said kissing my cheek.

     Dinner was spledid, and everybody left to go home. I went to the bathroom and got ready for bed and found that ALlie was already asleep, she was getting so tired all the time nowadays. I tried my hardest to slip under the covers and not wake her up but I failed and interupted her peacful state of mind...

"Harry is that you?" She asked squinting her eyes trying to adjust to the darkness...

"You love its me, go back to sleep. Get some rest." I said laying down and feeling her arms wrap around my frame.

"There... now I can sleep." She giggled and I watched her eyes flutter shut. She was my angel.

     We only had gotten to sleep for about An hour when we bolth were interupted by the phone ringing. Allie hopped out of bed and grabbed the phone...

"Hello?" She asked pacing acrossed the room.

"OH MY GOD ILL BE THERE AS SOON AS I CAN!" Allie yelled putting on her coat and shoes.

"Allie whats going on?" I asked throwing on my jeans that were on the floor and a tshirt.

"Eleanor is in labor!" She squeeled hugging me in exitment.

"You go wake up the girls ill meet you in the car!" She yelled pracing out the door. I walked into Darcy and Stella's room and turned on the light. They both whined and told me to shut it back off.

"Come on girls, Auntie Elle is having her baby!" I said grabbing Stella form the top bunk. They bolth imediatley sprung awake when I said that and soon we all were on our way to the hospital.

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