When Harry Met Allie

Allie was just your average small town girl going to collage in a big city. See what happens when she stumbles upon a boy named Harry who changes her life forever, and see how she changes his... PLEASE COMMENT AND FAVORITE! I'm more than happy to receive feedback!!!! love all of you! ♥ ♥ ♥

My Idea of what Allie and Darcy look like... if you want too see click the link ♥ LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!



26. Heat.

3 weeks later

I knocked at the door to room 2B...

"Oh hey Rose" Harry said smiling at me. i buckled at the knees.

"Hey Hazz" I started to call him that because all his other good friends seemed to call him that too...

"Wheres Allie.." I walked into the small hotel room and looked around...

"Oh she just left to go pick up her dress from the dry cleaners, she should be back in like 5 minuets if you want to wait around here..." I said sure and then went to the fridge for a glass of water. when i turned aroun Harry was standing right there and bumped into me... i looked down and there was water spilled all over my white t-shirt....

"I am so sorry Rose, let me go get you a towel..." He ran to the bathroom and came back with one of the nice hotel ones...

"Thanks harry..." he handed it to me and started to dab my shirt... when i looked up he looked me in my eyes. I couldn't help it. Those green eyes were just so irresistible, i wrapped my hand around his neck and kissed him... Then i heard the door open,

"WHAT THE HELL!" i stopped and looked at Allie... "GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE YOU SKANK!" she screamed at me and i ran out as fast as my legs could carry me. I knew i had messed up big time.

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