When Harry Met Allie

Allie was just your average small town girl going to collage in a big city. See what happens when she stumbles upon a boy named Harry who changes her life forever, and see how she changes his... PLEASE COMMENT AND FAVORITE! I'm more than happy to receive feedback!!!! love all of you! ♥ ♥ ♥

My Idea of what Allie and Darcy look like... if you want too see click the link ♥ LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!



30. As Long as Your in my arms Your going to be okay...

Harry's POV.

I ran up to Eleanor's apartment...

"Eleanor what is going on..." i looked her in the eyes, she didn't answer. she just stood there, looking up at the sky. "ELEANOR!" i grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her a little...

"I don't know why bad things happen to good people... " she started to cry. "God has his reasons for everything, but i simply just don't understand sometimes... Why?" i hugged her. she finally looked at me.

"Eleanor, please tell me what going on..." i started to get scared.

"Allie came over and started crying, she just hugged me and cried. and suddenly it just happened." tears flooded her eyes.

"What happened." i looked into her eyed for answers.

"The baby, its not okay. Shes not okay." She started to cry hysterically. I was in shock.

"WHERE IS SHE ELEANOR!" i yelled at her.

"The Mayo Clinic." I hugged her again and then got in the car. I prayed on my way to the hospital.

When i got to the hospital they wouldn't let me see her...

"BUT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND..." the lady sat me down and made me wait. Then suddenly the door opened and a doctor let me come in.

Allies hair was in a mess. Her Face was pale. Her face was wet from tears... she stared at the wall. I sat down next to her and put my hand on her shoulder... "Don't touch me..." she said still staring at the wall.

"Allie Love, everything is going to be fin.." she interrupted me...

"You can say anything you want but don't you DARE EVER say it will be fine." she said the words with anger through her teeth. She started to cry again, and then she looked at me and started talking faster and tears flooded her cheeks...

"He's gone, its all my fault. I will never get to hold him, or see who's eyes he had. I will never get to hold that baby in my arms..." she choked on the words. i rubbed her back, she pushed my hand off her back. "I'M FINE! I could run a marathon if i wanted to, but my baby cant he NEVER WILL!" she started sobbing the words out of her mouth. screaming. "oh god i want to know why... WHY!!!!" she spit the words through her teeth... " I don't think i can handle this.... I-I don't think i can do this. I cant take it anymore!!!" She buried her head into my chest and cried, like i had never seen her cry before.

"I was going to name him Charlie, Charlie Edward Styles." she said trying to calm herself down... I held her tight and traced patterns on her back...

"It doesn't matter what the situation Allie... whenever i hold you in my arms, i know for a fact that everything will be okay." i kissed her on her head. and I cried to....

The doctor walked into the room.

"I am so sorry for your loss." neither me... or Allie said a word. "But i do have some good news, Baby number to will be just fine. Completely healthy." Allie smiled a little, so did i. 

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