little did you know...

a kind of twisted poem for the crime competition... advice welcome...


1. little did you know


Imagine enjoying the fun of it all,

Your life filled with so much blood and gore,

You walk into a house,

with not even a squeak of a mouse,

And there's a blood-soaked body on the floor.


So whats your first reaction?

And then whats your next action?

Do you turn your head quickly away?

Before you manage to see any decay,

Or do you nod in satisfaction...


Do you briskly pinch your nose?

Or chuckle at the body's silly pose?

And even though your supposed to be a serious police officer,

You remember the times when you were known as a dosser,

Now they were some of your worst lows.


Now it's time to inspect the dead figure,

You know, the one you helped disfigure?

It won't take long- you already know what happened,

The bat you used until the bruises became blackened,

Least it couldn't have been more brisker...


So everyone thinks your the village nurturer,

They don't even suspect it was you who hurt her,

Though it's not just her is it,

Maybe one day you will have the guts to admit,

That you're the real murderer.

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