Best Friends for Never

Told from the point of view of April, she tells the story of how her best friend, May, changes once they get into seventh grade and they gradually begin to split apart. A relatable story that shows that pressure and popularity can really change someone.


4. Unhappy

I hug my textbooks closer to my chest as I stagger down the hall. I only bothered to brush half of my hair and my lips are stretched into a straight, thin line. "Hey, hey, hey!" I hear a familiar voice hollar behind my. I turn on the heels of my Uggs. There stands the Amber-wannabe. I look her up and down with sheer horror. Bright pink, off-the-shoulder sweater, super skinny jeans, and metallic gold ankle boots. My jaw drops. I eye the tangle of gold necklaces hanging off her neck. "What are you looking at?"  May asks with her hands on her hips. "You look!!!" I squeal. May simply shrugs and smiles brightly, "Thanks, hon!" My eyes widen. May slaps her shiny, golden locks over her shoulder. "See ya in Mrs. Patz!" May squeaks and she struts away

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