Best Friends for Never

Told from the point of view of April, she tells the story of how her best friend, May, changes once they get into seventh grade and they gradually begin to split apart. A relatable story that shows that pressure and popularity can really change someone.


1. The First Day

 "Bye, mom!", I shouted as a stumbleed out of the car. "Bye, April! Have a nice time!", she said with a smile, she waved to me. I wave to the car as it drives out of the school parking lot. The crisp, cold air bit at my face and I pulled my purple scarf over my ears. As I walked to the school entrance, a familiar van pulled in front of me. Out stumbled May. Once I saw her, I smiled. "April!" she exclaimed as she tugged on her backback strap. "May!" We give each other a long hug. "OMG! How was your summer?", she asked as we walked together. "Amazing! We went to the Bahamas," I say excitedly. May bounces around to keep warm, "AWESOME! I didn't do anything," she pouted, "But whatever." I felt the ends of my lips curl into a smile. Suddenly, May froze. "What?", I asked, searching if any cute boys are around. She fluffled up her curly, blond hair and pointed to her. I rolled my eyes, "Who cares about Amber Reese?!" I turned arount to face her. "Should I have put my hair up?" she bit her bottom lip. "No," it's fine. Is it because Amber's hair is up? You look great. Love the shoes," I smiled to show my sincerity. She looked down to at her silver gladiators and nodded, "Cute right," she shook her foot around. "What a freak show," a voice laughed near us. We look to our right to see Amber and her group snickering. May blushed ferociously. "Nice scarf...did you get it at Babies R Us?" Amber sneered as her friends cackled behind her. I fought the urge to throw the scarf away. They sashayed to the entrance of the school. "Why did you wear that scarf?", May whined. "Why do you care about what Amber thinks?" I challenged her. She simply lowered her head. "C'mon lets go," I said to break the silence.

 "What locker number do you have?" I asked as we stroll down the long hallway. "Uhhhh," she reached into the front pocket of her backpack and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper, "103." I stomped my foot, "57." May frowns, "That's so FAR!"   "What's your homeroom?" I asked. "Mrs. Patz," she said hopefully. I squeal, "Me, too!" We grab each others arms and jump around. "See ya then," I panted. "Same!" she says and scurries to locker 103.

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