Best Friends for Never

Told from the point of view of April, she tells the story of how her best friend, May, changes once they get into seventh grade and they gradually begin to split apart. A relatable story that shows that pressure and popularity can really change someone.


5. One of the Populars

I stab at my rice with the red plastic fork. I turn slightly to see May. She is giggling with Jake, my crush. I feel jealousy stir in my stomach. I can't possibly be jealous! May slaps Jake's shoulder, mid-giggle. Jake smiles at her with his pearly, white smile. Amber is talking to her friends. Out of pure anger, I yank my LG Verizon Wireless phone from my bootcut jeans and angrily send a message to May.



 Once Jake and May finally stop giggling, May pulls out her iPhone 5 (which Amber bought for her yesterday) from her Vera Bradley clutch and types in a message:

wht u talkin bout'???


what am i talking about? you have been avoiding me all WEEK!!!


take a chill pill, hon! i think i found where i TRULY belong. everything is soooo glam! now plz dont talk 2 me...jake (<3) has 2 ask me something 

-may :)

I grit my teeth and stare at Jake longingly. How come that BRAT gets him?! While I let out a sigh, May stands up from the Popular Table and exclaims, "YESSS!" Then she throws her thin arms around Jake. I quickly glance at the wall. On a vibrant pink flyer, big words scream at me, "Dance on Friday!" I freeze. No! NO!!! This is not happening, this is not happening! Now not only is May THE second-most desirable, glamourous icon in the seventh grade...SHE HAS JAKE!

  I scribble down a random answer for the last question on the test. Lately, my grades have been getting lower and lower. I just can't think. Thank God math is my last period on friday. Just before the bell rings, I grab my test and slap it on Mr. Fletcher's desk. He peers above the frame of his bifocals, which are sitting on the very end of of his nose. He sighs and the drone of his voice sucks the life out of me, "Miss you realize you are failing this class?" He stares at me until I feel uncomfortable. "You used to be a A average you have ....," he opens his book and scans it, "A sixty as you average score....what happened?" My feet tingle as the other kids exit the stuffy room. "Uhhh, I, y-ya see," I stammer. What did happen? Ever since May has been hanging out with grades are reaching a point that I have never experienced. Mr. Fletcher raises his thick eyebrows, as if he's expecting an answer. "Friendship problems...," I blurt out and turn to walk out. "Miss Johns!", Mr. Fletcher calls for me. I groan and turn to face him. "What type of 'friendship problems'?" he strokes his scruffy beard and sits back in his swiveling chair. "A certain girl befriended another certain girl and left me," I grumbled while staring at the ground. "Details, please," the teacher says. I swallowed the glob in my throat and  blinked back tears. "I just want my friend May back!" I croak and bury my face in my hands. "Oh, April Johns...many friendships don't last forever," Mr. Fletcher confirms, "You just have to accept it sometimes..." I nod, head still in hands. Never in a million years would I even think I would be talking about friendship problems with my math teacher, Mr. Fletcher.




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