Best Friends for Never

Told from the point of view of April, she tells the story of how her best friend, May, changes once they get into seventh grade and they gradually begin to split apart. A relatable story that shows that pressure and popularity can really change someone.


2. Mrs. Patz

 I quickly scampered to the seat next to May. "Hey, hey, hey!" I shrieked. May smiled. Mrs. Patz stood up, "Okay class we are going to share with each other what we did over the summer," she smiled and pointed to Chloe, "Let's start with you, Miss Jones." Chloe told a long, detailed story about going to her local pool. I rolled my eyes and ripped a piece of paper from my notebook and wrote:

real interesting :b

May chortled to herself. "Is there an issue, Miss Stone?" May froze, "Uh...n-", May stuttered. She looked behind her to see Amber Reese giggling in her palm. She face turned red. "Then why don't you tell everyone what you did over the summer," Mrs. Patz crossed her arms on her chest. " went to Florida for July." I raised my eyebrows. Excuse me?, I thought, Did she just lie? "Very nice, May Stone...where did you stay?" "Um in Orlando."  Mrs. Patz nodded, impressed. May turned discreetly to see if Amber Reese was impressed, too. Once she saw that Amber looked rather neutral, she began to settle down and her face became less red.  I rolled my eyes.

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