Best Friends for Never

Told from the point of view of April, she tells the story of how her best friend, May, changes once they get into seventh grade and they gradually begin to split apart. A relatable story that shows that pressure and popularity can really change someone.


3. At Lunch

"Hey!" I squeal once May plops her tray on the table. "Hi," she mumbles. "Someone doesn't look too happy," I give her an exaggerated pout. "Why can't we sit in the center? How come we have to sit near the trash bins?!", May groans. I look at who's sitting in the center. Amber. "I'm not stopping you! Go ahead!", I shoo her away. May crinkles her pale blond eyebrows. "I'm serious, if you want to." May simply shrugs and says, "Okay...see ya later," Then, she merrily skips to the center table. My jam drops. I didn't actually think she'd go over there.... ABANDON ME! How dare she just leave me here? On the first day of school? It's been only three months and she became a Amber-wannabe! I cross my arms on my chest and pout as I poke throught my pasta.

" Hi, May. Yeah, this is my....seventh voice message. Please call back. Buh-Bye!", I sigh as I hang up. Twenty minutes later, I hear my phone ring. I race to my cellphone. "Hullo? Yeah! I have been trying to call you! Yes...SEVEN times! What do you mean? Why were you at the movies? With who?", I ask,  "AMBER?!" I have NO choice but to hang up. Minutes drag into hours and she doesn't call back. Not even a simple, "Are you okay?". NOTHING!


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