my boyfriend zayn

it is about when my parents died i was stuck with the proudcer of one dirction and i go on tour with them and zayn and i fall in love but my step dad does not want me to date zayn cause he thinks my heart will get broken so me and zayn sneak around and will we get cought hopefully not


1. meeting one d

Hi i am Taylor i am 16 .My dad is the prdoucer of one d.Today i finally get to meet then while i get ready i put on a bikni top and so short shorts. My dad calls me down staris to see five guys standing there. my dad inturdues me then says i need to pack cause where going on tour on almost could of woke up the neighber hood when i screamed. I went got a big suit case and packed it with shoes dresses clothes lots of biknis. when i finshe up my dad says what rooms we have i share a room with zyan i was so exicted i could not wait

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