my boyfriend zayn

it is about when my parents died i was stuck with the proudcer of one dirction and i go on tour with them and zayn and i fall in love but my step dad does not want me to date zayn cause he thinks my heart will get broken so me and zayn sneak around and will we get cought hopefully not


2. going on tour

when we got on the tour bus i went straight to my room there was only one bed witch ment i share a bed with zyan.i un pack and get in the shower when i come zyan is sitting on the bed he dose not notice me so i get dressed right when i started to put a bra on he looked i turned around and then some came up to me and started kissing me when i turned around i saw zyan standing in his boxers he said we should go to bed cause we have a big day tomorow so i got in my underwear and bra and layed down. I felt zyan undo my bra and pull it off than he made me face him and we started kissing and then i pulled his boxers off and then he pulled my underwear and well went on from there.

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