forever and always

alexis mendez was the one who kept a low profile for everything.She goes to school but doesnt have any friends,the only one she hangs out with is her cousin and it seems like they are hiding something.What could it be?
does the truth come out when she falls for a guy in a band called one direction?
what will happen if they find out?


1. just the beggining

alexis' POV
"Alexis come help me" my cousin screams from down stairs.Me and Gabriella are really close and shes really the only person in my life right now.I get out of bed and go help her
"what do you want?"i said kinda rude.
"help me put some stuff away,is that too much to ask?!"
i walk over to her and rolled my eyes
"wow this is gonna be fun" i said sarcastically
when we finally finished and there was a knocking at our door
"are u expecting anyone?"gaby asked raising her brows
"tuh,who am i going to invite?"i said getting up and opening the door.I opened the door and saw the person i hated most.Janice,the girl who spreads wild rumors about everyone she hates.
"what the hell do u want?"i yelled with rage.
"Ha,i found a picture that you might find interesting"she said pushing me and entering my house without even having my permission.When she showed me the picture all i wanted to do was punch her face but i had to stay clam
"where'd you get that picture?"
"somewhere you dont need to know where"she said with an evil smirk.I then grabbed the picture from her hand and pushed her out of the house.
i i kept thinking was that this isnt gonna be good.I went to the living room to find Gaby looking at me with the evil eye
"whats wrong?"
"please Alexis,i could read you like a book"she said raising her brows.
What am i going to do!?
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