Why do it then ? (On Hold)

Skylar has been bullied middle school and now high school.She also has to deal with the fact that her dad died.Want to know more ? Well read my story. ♥


1. Skylar Monroe


  HEY im Skylar Monroe.
I used to be a bubbly,smiley,kinda person.Until middle school when I started being bullied.
I dont know why they started to pick on me when I didnt do anything .
Besides being bullied  my dad died when I was 9and my mom has been depressed and never comes out of her room.Well only to work :T. I really miss my dad and my mom since I never even see her.I wish my life wasn't like this but it is what it is.

Have dark brown hair.
Hate my life.
Bullied :T


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