Why do it then ? (On Hold)

Skylar has been bullied middle school and now high school.She also has to deal with the fact that her dad died.Want to know more ? Well read my story. ♥


8. Numero ocho <3

Skylar's P.O.V

As I was walking to my next class which was art,I was pushed into a locker.I moaned in pain,it hurt like a motherfucker.I looked up and saw the one and only Logan Manny."Well well well,who do we have here ?" He said,even hearing his voice made me throw up in my mouth a little.Don't get me wrong he's a pretty good looking guy but he's just a douchebag.I try to get up but I failed big time because I felt another pain in my stomach.Someone obviously punched me,I was crying because it really hurt so now my vision was blurry.There was a figure that looked familiar.......I wiped my eyes and saw that it was jay. My eyes went wide in fear and you could just see the smirk on his face.I thought I saw guilt in his eyes,but that's just probaly my hallucanation.They left and I was relieved.Great now im 10 minutes late for art.I bascially limped to art and I heard laughing but I just ignored it because im used to it.So I got to art and guess who was in my class....Jay.What else could go wrong.

"Ms.Monroe mind explaning why your're staring at Mr.cyrus and not coming inside the classroom ?" He asked.I just rolled my eyes.

"Oh and Ms.Monroe for coming in late you have two weeks detention."


"No buts skylar im sorry but you know the rules."

"Class get back to work,we have a very tight schelude."

I sat at the back of the room like always.I mean like what's the whole point of sitting in the front if everybody is just going to throw paper at me.I sighed.I hate my life so much but it is what it is.




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