Why do it then ? (On Hold)

Skylar has been bullied middle school and now high school.She also has to deal with the fact that her dad died.Want to know more ? Well read my story. ♥


2. Numero dos <3


"Daddy ?"

"Yes sweetheart ?"

"I love you daddy.Forever and Always :)."

"I love you too sweetie.Remeber that,Forver and always."

"Can you promise me something sky.?"

"Yes daddy"

"When it's my time to go,be good for mommy.Okay :)."

"I promise :)"    

I remeber that day like it was yesturday.We were in the living room watching a movie.I think we were watching Beautiful Pearl(I dont know if thats a real movie but bear with me).Everytime I get that flash-back I tear up because I miss him so much.That was the last thing he said to me before he died of a heart attack the next day.He always told me to be strong and not show weakness.But ever since he died I have just been weak.At school I have no friends and everybody just bullies me and yes there is a particular kid who does it the most,but its not like those Quotev stories that the bully and the bullied secretly love each other.Its just HELL.His name is Logan manny and ever since middle school he has been bullying me.Somehow he found out my dad died and always tells me "Awww your daddy died and now you have noone to protect you from the monsters".I try to remain strong but it's just to much to handle.If my dad was still alive he would have told me "Show no fear and just show strength." If I could have something to bring him back I wouldnt think I would just bring him back.Well I have to go get dressed for the hell of school.


A/N: Sorry this is short I didnt know what to write but comment how I did :T and dont throw me under a bus 

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