Lovely Lies

You'll have to read to find out


3. I'm Falling For You.

Jake's P.O.V

But Lexi had to jump off of a bridge, good thing she lived.

Hey Hallie, good morning I said when Hallie slowly woke up.

Where is everyone? she asked me 

O yea they all left.

I seen her eyes drift towards the clock which read 1:30 p.m

O my gosh I  have to clean, my mom will be here in a half hour. She said with a angry tone in her voice.

Okay I'll help with the trash you fix the furniture. I told her.

Thanks but you have to leave before they get here or I'll get in so much trouble! She said

I sighed and picked up all the garbage for her, then I left.

Hallie's P.O.V

I felt kind of rude kicking him out like that, but if my mom new I was alone with a boy that WOULD NOT  be pretty at all.When my mom got home she looked mad and walked straight to her room without saying "hi" or anything else. Then the twins walked in and went opposite ways, Ethan walked to his room and Liz walked over and sat next to me on the kitchen stool.

So whats wrong with everyone? I asked.

Well me and Ethan got into a fight on the car ride back and mom yelled at us. Then we drove past this country looking house and seen dad and some girl hugging and kissing. She said

O my gosh!! Did the bitch see you?

No I wish he did then he'd see how big we got and how awesome without his stupid self here. She said loudly with a angry voice and her fist clenched shut.

Okay calm down, mom had two boyfriends after the divorce you act like he can't have one. I said while getting up to go to my room.

And I called her a slut to!! Aren't you even a little mad Hallie? She yelled to me.

Honestly Liz NO.I yelled back

Then got out my phone and jumped on my bed, then I scrolled down to Jake and sent him a message saying..

TO:Jake<3 Hey cutie sorry about earlier I was just in a rush, well mom and twins came home and trust me it wasn't pretty.  From:Hallie :)(:

To:Hallie:)<3(:  It's cool and what happened and when can I see you again??

To:Jake<3  Well long story tell you when I see you and I don't know we need plans P.S I miss you:)

TO:Hallie:)<3:) How about now and I miss you to ;)...</3

To: Jake<3 can't my mom is pissed she would never let me leave  the house :(

To: Hallie:)<3:) to late!!

I was wondering what he meant when there was a knock on the front door.

I'll get it. Liz called from the kitchen.

No. I said as I ran to the door and got stopped right in front of her when I almost ran into her.

I opened the door and there was a man with a box and he asked me if I was Hallie. I said yes and he handed me the box and said "this is for you" and he walked away. I walked on the front porch and shut the door behind me, I sat down and opened the box that said TO:HALLIE FROM:CUTIE  I laughed at what it said and when I opened it there was roses in it with a box of chocolate. I awed and smiled, then Jake ran around the corner of my house to me.

Jake's P.O.V

I ran the corner then I seen her wearing pajama pants and a tank top.

Hey Beautiful do you like those roses? I asked

They are beautiful Jake. Thank you. She said

"That's why I got them for you duh" I said as I sat next to her

"Well thank-you" she said as she got up and hugged me.

Everything went silent after that, she looked so beautiful and I just wanted to kiss her. She was amazing and super sweet at times. I really hoped she liked the roses because I was falling for her..

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