Lovely Lies

You'll have to read to find out


2. Dare or Die??

Hallie's P.O.V

I told Jake my story which was, my dad is somewhere fighting war, my mom and dad divorced so my mom is a single mother with 3 kids Me, Ethan, and Liz. Ethan and Liz are twins, they are 14 and Ethan still complains about his twin being a girl. I am 18 years old my mom is 37 yrs old and that's about my family life. Now my outside the house life, my best friend just moved to Beverly Hills, that's where I always wanted to move, my ex broke up with me for my cousin which hurts but I'll live. I lived here in Ireland my whole life so far and I love to read and listen to 1D. Now that is my story besides one thing I left out I have another best friend who lives across the street. Wait so now where done wit-, Jake was cut off by the sound of my doorbell, "Who is it" I yell. Carly! My best friend yells through the door, I run to the door and unlock then I walk 6 steps back and yell its open. Took you long enough heh wheres mum and the twins, Oh they went out of town somewhere in Florida!. Oh , who's this cutie?? Carly asks. Umm. Carly this is Jake, Jake Carly, I say.

Carly's P.O.V

I was so happy to see the boy Jake, I was hoping he and Hallie were together because after her last break up she was so boring and always sad. Of course I tried cheering her up everyday but nothing ,she would still cry.Well hi Carly! Jake says in a deepish voice, it wasn't to deep it was perfect. So are you and Hallie a item? I ask. No I just met him yesterday, Hallie says and Jake agrees. Mhmm okay so then when did you get here Lover boy?? I ask. At like 3 this morning and then we watched Hunger Games and fell asleep any more questions Carly?  No I say, Wait actually there is 1 can I invite Mitchell Steven Lexi And Danni for a game of Dare or Die??  Fine Hallie says. What's Dare or Die? Is it like truth or dare? I gasp at that question Kind of but better for example if I asked you to do a Dare and you didn't do it then, say your biggest fear was spiders then you would have to walk through a room with a bunch of spiders in it..

Jake's P.O.V 

Okay so lets play but my biggest fear isn't spiders it's Sharks and big waves because that's how my mom died. I said to everyone. O mine is Heights, Carly says. Okay lets get started I'll go first Mitchell says, Okay Carly I dare you to take off Steven's sock with your teeth. Eww his feet are crusty eww but okay, Carly says and she takes it off and when she smells it she gags. That was gross but okay Hallie I dare you to pee on Principle Walker's Door mat then knock on the door and say happy birthday. Eww but okay She does the dare no problem .Jake I Dare You To Go to a store and ask a male worker if he knows where baby's come from then grab to condoms, give them to him and say this will keep your babies from coming out!! okay so everyone got bored with the game and we quit playing all the dares were easy and that's why we stopped but 


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