Stay Strong

Louis is just getting home from tour. He wants to surprise his girlfriend Morgan his arrive. But when he gets home. No screaming or hugs. He sees Morgan on the floor bloody and out cold! What happens in this story? Read to find out!
Thanks! Hope you all enjoy! :)


4. Yay!

 (Morgan's POV)
    Where am I? Oh ya my ex just abused me and almost killed me. Right. Forgot about that. How am I here? Who brought me here? I opened my eyes and saw the nurse. She smiled and said to the doctor,
   "Oh my god! Doctor she's up! She beat death!" They doctor looks at me and said,
   "This is great Morgan! You just made it! You are in good hands now and we will take care of you. We will bring you back to health." I smile weakly and said,
   "Who brought me here?"
  "Well that was your husband."
  "What? My husband? I'm not married doctor."
  "Ok then you boyfriend. Louis Tomlinson?" Oh my god! Did he just. He just said LOUIS! Tears streamed down my face. He came back from tour and he was going to surprise me but found me on the floor in a coma! Wow some shook to him. The doctor said,
   "Do you want me to bring him in along with your family?" I nodded as more tears streamed down my face. 
         (Louis's POV)
  I have been waiting and waiting! I feel like im going to threw up! The doctor walked up to us. I shot up. Everyone els did too. We all looked at him with hope. He smiled and said,
   "Are you all ready to see Morgan alive?" I cried and followed Harry. 
         (Morgan's POV)
     I as laying in bed thinking about how lucky I was to have Louis in my life. And all the boys. And Danielle. I told the nurse I was going to sleep. She nodded. I smiled and fell asleep right when the door opened.
        (Harry's POV)
   OH MY GOD! She's alive! I was so happy! I just cried.
         (Danis POV)
   OH MY GOD! My best friend is alive!
             (Louis's POV)
        I walked in the room and saw Morgan in the bed sleeping. I wiped the tears off my face. Ya like that helped! I sat next to her. I held her hand and said,
       "I knew you were a fighter Morgan. I love you."
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