Stay Strong

Louis is just getting home from tour. He wants to surprise his girlfriend Morgan his arrive. But when he gets home. No screaming or hugs. He sees Morgan on the floor bloody and out cold! What happens in this story? Read to find out!
Thanks! Hope you all enjoy! :)


2. Uh oh!

(Harry's POV)
  What happened if Morgan dies. What will our little One Direction family do with out her? I hugged Louis comforting him. Everyone was crying. Louis started to punch my chest in anger. I just let him. Louis said shakey,
  "Harry I think Morgans ex had something to do with this." I sighed and hugged Louis. He cried in my chest. 
           (Danielle's POV)
   Oh my god! Why my sister! Morgan is my best friend. She IS my sister. I cried in Liam's chest trying to put the peaces together. Once I did I scremed.
         (Liam's POV)
  I jumped when Dani screamed. I said,
          (Louis's POV) 
  When Danielle said ex boyfriend I ran out of Harry's arms and grabbed Danielle's shoulders and said looking her in the eyes,
   "What do you Dani. PLEASE TELL ME!" She cried and said,
   "Me and Morgan were hanging at  your and hers house while you guys were gone and she got a text from her ex saying he will hurt her and kill her." She cried and put her head on Liam's shoulder. 
   "Sorry for the shoulders Danielle. Thank you for the info." I hugged her and looked at Harry with fury in my eyes,
   "HARRY I AM GOING TO KILL THAT BOY!" I ran out and got in Harry's car and drove to his house. 
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