Stay Strong

Louis is just getting home from tour. He wants to surprise his girlfriend Morgan his arrive. But when he gets home. No screaming or hugs. He sees Morgan on the floor bloody and out cold! What happens in this story? Read to find out!
Thanks! Hope you all enjoy! :)


5. Reunited once again!

(Morgan's POV)
    I woke up. I heard Louis say,
    "I knew you were a fighter Morgan. I love you." My eyes were still closed. I sqweezed Louis's hand with all my might because I just wanted to hug him. I could open my eyes or move. I fell back to sleep.
            (Louis's POV)
    Oh...My....God! She sqweezed my hand! She is ALIVE! I said shout whispering,
    "GUYS SHE JUST SQWEEZED MY HAND! SHE'S ALIVE!" Everyone laughed even my baby.....Morgan.
           (Morgan's POV)
    I laughed! I LAUGHED! I couldn't belive I had the energy to laugh! With out thinking I sat up slowly and opened my eyes. I saw my loved ones. 
         (Danis POV)
    I whispered,
   "Morgan?" She smiled weakly. I ran to her and hugged her carefully not to hurt her. She smiled and hugged me back. Tears streamed down my face as I let go and looked at my alive sister.
         (Zayns POV)
    She was up! I was next to hug her. She was cold but soft. When I touched her bare skin I got chills because of how cold she was. I felt bad. 
            (Harry's POV)
   I hugged her after Zayn. She was so cold. I hugged her tightly but carefully. I felt bad. Not only was she my best friends girlfriend. 
         (Morgan's POV)
  I hugged him for a long time. He kissed my cheek and pulled back. Everyone els hugged me. Louis last. I looked at Louis. He had bloodshot eyes. I saw blood stains on his hands. I got scared. What happened when I was in a coma?
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