Raiders of the future

During the school holidays , Jack Walker had to go on a camping trip to Isle of White with his mum Lucy and his mum's boyfriend Dylan . Only one problem , Jack hates Dylan , Dylan is a kind man but Jack doesnt the way Dylan used to treat his mum.
On the camping trip Dylan and Jack had a row because Dylan lost Lucy's braclet and blamed it on Jack. Jack ran in to the woods crying and didnt realise what laided ahead for him .......


2. Falling

" Torch ....check , sleeping bag .... check , camera ...... check , fishing rod ..... check and last of all , not wanting to go anywhere with this dumb dylan .... check . See mum I told you that I have everything , can I get in the car now ? " 

Normally , Jacks summer holiday are spent with him out with his mates playing footie in the fields and verusing his mates on the xbox  . But this summer holidays are going to be very different . Jack has been made to go to the Isle of White with his Mum lucy and her boyfriend Dylan . He hates Dylan , he has never really liked any of his mums boyfriends , and there has been many , but this one he hates the most , before Dylan went to prison , he used to treat his mum with no respect at all , they would argue and he would make his mum do things for him that she doesnt want to do but when he came back from prison things sort of calmed down . That never made things all right between the two boys , it never has.

After the three hour car drive of Dylan singing along to the Black eyed peas over and over , they finally arrived in the woods at Rookley in the Isle of White  , they arrived at  ten o,clock at night so Jack was tired , he went to look at the lake whilst Dylan and his mum put the tents up , when he arrived back to the camp site he saw Dylan put his mums favourite braclet in his pocket .

'"What do you think you are doing with mums braclet ? Her dad brught her that , give it back now "  jack screamed at Dylan , Lucy pops her head out the tent half alseep

" whats going on , I have been driving all day ! "

" Jack stole your braclet he shoved it in my pocket when he saw you opening the tent " dylan lied .

Jack was astonished " no I never , what need would I have for a girls braclet mum " Long silence then Lucy says

" I cant believe you Jack "  

He ran , he ran and he ran , Jack had never ran so fast in his life , he never knew he was crying until he couldnt see any more everything was smudgy . After about 5 mins of running Jack could see  a bright light , he got closer till it was blinding his eyes , all of a sudden , he fell lower and lower and lower .......

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