Death Eaters

My name is Lotus. I am Bellatrix's daughter. My life is devoted to the dark lord. Voldemort. Draco is my cousin. It is now my job for the dark lord to go to Hogwarts. To spy on Harry Potter. But something happens. Something that could change everything. I fall in love. With his best friends brother. Fred. Will I be able to go through with my task? ... Or not?

*this is based on Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix year 5*


6. Chapter 6

Fred Weasly's P.O.V

It was yesterday that we had the welcoming feast. Yesterday that I met Lotus. I couldn't get her out of my head. I stayed up all night thinking about her. About her perfect blonde, crimped hair, so much alike Bellatrix's just different in colour, about her perfect tanned skin that looked like the colour of light brown, her perfect eyes, massive and blue. I wonder if she would ever fall for someone like me? No. George would never approve. And his opinion meant the world to me. But I still couldnt' shake that sense of longingness.

Lotus's P.O.V

It was breakfast so I decided to head down to the Great Hall. "Hey, wait for me!" Hermione called out as I was walking out of the dormitory door. I waited at the door until she was ready to go. We chatted as we walked down to the great hall. She wanted to know what it was like at Durmstrang. I sat down next to Hermione as  Ron and Harry walked over. "Hey," they said to Hermione. "Guys, this is Lotus," Hermione said, but I'm pretty sure they knew who I was. "Hey," Ron said cheerily. "Hi," Harry said politely, but he didn't look at me as he said it. I grabbed some toast and bacon and ate. So did everyone else. "Why hello," Fred said and sat down next to me. "Hey," I said, smiling broadly. "So how was your first day yesterday?" he asked smiling. "It was good, thanks," I said grinning. This boy just had a way of making me smile at everything. I could feel Hermione's, Harry's and definetly Ron's eyes on us. "Do you play Quidditch?" he asked. "Yeah, why?" I answered. "Because the try-outs are on this afternoon, you should try-out, if your any good," he said. "I'm alright, and thanks I guess I better try out then," I said. "I could show you the way down there," he offered scratching the back of his neck. "Cool thanks," I replied smiling while biting my lip. "Anyway, I better go to class. Thankyou," I said walking off towards potions with the Slytherins. This would be fun.

Fred's P.O.V

"You like her!" Ron gasped when Lotus had walked out of the Great Hall. "I do not! Just because Ickle Ronnykins can't get a girlfriend doesn't mean I like her," I retorted but my ears and cheeks were getting hot. "You do! I could tell!" He said, flushed by what I said before. Harry didn't look impressed. "Ron, I will set all of my filibuster fireworks onto you if you keep saying that!" I threatened stalking off.

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