Death Eaters

My name is Lotus. I am Bellatrix's daughter. My life is devoted to the dark lord. Voldemort. Draco is my cousin. It is now my job for the dark lord to go to Hogwarts. To spy on Harry Potter. But something happens. Something that could change everything. I fall in love. With his best friends brother. Fred. Will I be able to go through with my task? ... Or not?

*this is based on Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix year 5*


4. Chapter 4

I woke early the next morning while everyone was still asleep. They were stirring though. Morning sunlight poured in from the windows and it was quiet in the room. I grabbed my uniform and put it on. My black robe swishing behind me as I walked over to get a glass of water from the jug under the window. Romilda, Pavarti and Hermione were getting up now and Lavender was still asleep, so Pavarti went and shook her awake. They dressed and we went down to the great hall except for Hermione who stayed in the common room to wait for Ron and Harry. I sat next to Romilda and Pavarti and Lavender sat on the other side across from us. I grabbed a peice of bacon and toast and ate quietly, listening to the morning chattering. The teacher that ushered me into the hall yesterday, I learnt her name was professor Mcgonagle, was handing out schedules for Gryffindor. I read over mine and saw my first class was transfiguration. I looked at the girls schedules and saw that Romlida was also in that class. It started in ten minutes. I got up with Romilda and we walked to transfiguration. We waited outside with the Ravenclaws until professor Mcgonagle let us in. I took a seat up the back of the classroom next to Romilda as professor Mcgonagle gave us a demonstration of what we would be doing today. We would be turning a mouse into a goblet. I was not good at transfiguration. I preffered Defence Against The Dark Arts or Charms. At the end of the class my mouse had turned into a goblet, but it was still very mousey. The goblet was made out of the fur and it's handle was a tail. I walked out and went to my other classes.

It was 5:30 at night and I was in my dormitory practising my transfiguration, miserably, when Hermione walked in. It was just us two. She gave me a glance then changed into pyjamas. "Can you believe how bad I am at this? It'll take forever before I can actually turn it into a normal looking goblet. You make it look so easy. How do you do it?" I asked. She looked at me uncertainly but came over to help. "Well, it's a simple matter of flourishing your wand correctly, and saying the waord clearly, like this," she said whipping out her wand and clearing her throat. "Vera verto," she said waving her wand at the mouse. "That was amazing! I wish I was as smart as you," I said smiling at her. She blushed and smiled. "Now you try," she said as she changed the goblet back into a mouse. We practiced transfiguration for a while until the rest of the girls came back. "Thank you," I said quietly. "My pleasure, hey do you wanna sit with me tommorow?" she asked smiling. "Really? You want me to?" I asked surprised by the sudden turn of events. "Of course," she said assuringly. "But what about Harry and Ron? I'm sure Harry wouldn't want me to hang out with you guys, after all, my parents drove Neville's parents insane, and they're with you-know-who," I said, carefull not to say the dark lord. "Well, Harry might take some winning over, but Ron won't care ... I think," she said uncertain. "Anyway, we'll find out tommorow, we best be off to bed," she said hopping into her own bed. "Yeah," I said quietly getting into bed aswell.

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