Death Eaters

My name is Lotus. I am Bellatrix's daughter. My life is devoted to the dark lord. Voldemort. Draco is my cousin. It is now my job for the dark lord to go to Hogwarts. To spy on Harry Potter. But something happens. Something that could change everything. I fall in love. With his best friends brother. Fred. Will I be able to go through with my task? ... Or not?

*this is based on Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix year 5*


3. Chapter 3

It was the 1st of September. The day I would go to Hogwarts. I woke up early so I could get to platform 9 and 3/4. The steam train was a brilliant scarlet and the station was packed with students saying goodbye to their parents as they got on the train. I got on the train, my bags having vanished, and sat in a compartment with Draco and a few of his friends. I remembered their names easily. Draco's girlfriend Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle, Blaise and another Slytherin girl named Eliza. "Hey, so what school did you come from?" Pansy asked. "Durmstrang," I replied. "Hey, isn't that where Viktor Krum used to go to school?" Blaise asked me. "Yeah," I said. "So if your from Durmstrang how come you havn't got a bulgarian accent?" Eliza asked me. "Because I'm not from Bulgaria, I just lived there," I answered. Eliza nodded. "So how is Hogwarts?" I asked them. "Good," Blaise said. "Worst headmaster," Draco replied. "Food's good," Crabbe said. "Fun for the most part," Pansy said. For the rest of the ride we all just sat there talking and laughing. When the train stopped the sky was pitch black and the only light was coming from the lanterns that students and a few teachers had. "We ride the carriages," Eliza said as I followed them over to lots of carriages harnessed to fleshless horses. Thestrals. Yes, I had seen someone die. A few people actually. You get used to it if you become a death-eater. The carriage rode to the school castle. This was the first I had seen of it. It was magnificent. Regal, even. Turrets sticking out of the side of the tall stone walls, Ivy creeping over the walls of the garden and moonlight shining on to it. We got out of the carriages and walked up to the school along with everyone else. "Miss Lotus, you are to stay here with the first-years," A teacher told me as I walked to the entrance of the great hall. She was aged and you could tell she was someone you didn't want to cross. The rest of the school walked past into the school. Soon the corridor was deserted apart from the first-years who looked very frightened. "You may come in now, except for you miss Lotus," The teacher said. The first-years got into single-file and walked through the doors of the great hall. After what felt like forever, the teacher came through the great halls to get me. "Just wait," she said and stood next to me, the doors of the great hall wide open. "Now, we have an exchange student all the way from Durmstrang. She will be in her fifth year and you will all do well to make her feel welcome," said a man at the front that could only be the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. His long silvery beard came to his waist and could easily be tucked into his belt, his robes looked new, the shade of aqua, like his eyes, you could tell his were a shocking blue, even from all the way over here. "Welcome, miss Lotus Lestrange," he called out, gesturing for me to walk towards the sorting hat. As I walked down the aisle I could hear people whispering away and I caught a few lines "Lestrange? That sound familiar. I just remembered, Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange. Aren't they death eaters? Yep. Bet she's in Slytherin." Whispers like this followed me until I reached the hat. "You may put the hat on," the lady said. I sat on the stool and put the hat on. It looked ancient. It was worn, faded and smelly. Suddenly it started talking, but I'm pretty sure it was just me that coul hear it. "Hmmm, interesting, interesting. My first thought would be to put you in Slytherin, but then you'd be great in Gryffindor with your braveness, but then you'd be great in Ravenclaw with a mind like that. So where to put you?" It said. "Gryffindor, Gryffindor, Gryffindor," I chanted under my breath. "Gryffindor hey? Well then ... GRYFFINDOR!" The hat said, bellowing the last word out to the whole hall. Puzzled looks were all over the students faces. They must be all wondering the same thing. Why Gryffindor and not Slytherin? Loud claps came from the Gryffindors but I could tell they were confused also. I walked over to the Gryffindors and sat on the seat next to a tall, handsome boy. His hair was red and his face was sprinkled with freckles. "Let the feast, Begin," Dumbledore said, and with a wave from his hand food appeared on the tables. My goblet filled with what I thought was pumpkin juice and the trays all filled with foods. Talk erupted from all the tables as I helped myself to some boiled potatoes. I looked up the table to where I found Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione. Harry was looking at me suspiciously and so was Hermione. Ron was too busy eating. "Hello," I said to the handsome boy sitting next to me. He looked at me and said "Hey, I'm Fred." "I'm Lotus," I replied. "Are you really from Durmstrang?" he asked. "Yeah. Why do you ask?" I asked him. "Because, we almost never get exchange students," Fred replied. "Ok. What year are you in?" I asked. "Sixth. It's my second last year. Anyway, better eat before my brother eats all the food," Fred joked pointing to Ron. I laughed and nodded, grabbing a chicken leg. The food was delicious. So much better than Durmstrang with their soups and stew. Once everyone's stomachs were full to bursting the food all disapeared. "Now everyone should be off to bed, pip pip," Dumbledore said shooing us away. I got up and followed the prefect and the rest of the house up the steps to a portrait of a fat lady. The stairs kept on moving and one of the steps vanished when you stepped on it. "Harmona Fanel," the prefect said and the portrait swung open revealing a room behind it. The Gryffindors walked through the hole and sat on the cushiony arm chairs that littered the room. The fire in the hearth was lit giving the room, known as the common room, a warm glow. Some people had gone to bed striaght away, exhausted from today's journey, while others chattered away to their friends about their holidays. I didn't really know what to do, and people were giving me glances and then talking to their friends, so I decided to go to my dormitory. I walked up the spiral staircase and jumped onto the bed that had my stuff on it. The beds were draped in red curtains and the bedspreads were red aswell. The door burst open and four girls walked through. Hermione, a girl with black, curly hair, a tanned girl with dark, silky hair and a girl with pale skin and blonde hair. They looked at me and turned away. "Hey, I'm Lotus," I said, trying to ease the tension in the room. They nodded and sniggered to each other, except Hermione, she just looked at me suspiciously, like she'd done in the great hall. "Look, just because I'm Bellatrix and Rodulphus Lestrange's daughter does NOT mean I'm a death eater or soon-to-be death eater! I havn't spoken to them in years! So shut up with your laughing and giggling and gossiping!" I yelled at them and grabbed some pyjamas out of my bag to get changed. "Sorry," The blonde girl and tanned girl said. They walked up to me and said "I'm Lavender, and this is Pavarti." "Hey," I said smiling slightly. "I'm Romilda," said the girl with the curly hair from across the room. Hermione smiled at me but still didn't look convinced. I turned and went to bed.

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